RAVPower RP-PC104 review: A 45W Ultrathin wall charger with PD

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With USB-C becoming more popular for charging devices, the need for chargers that support PD (Power Delivery) is growing. Our RAVPower RP-PC104 review takes a look at a super slim wall charger which supports 45W of Power Delivery. Read on to see how it performs!


The RAVPower RP-PC104 45W Ultrathin PD Charger has the following features and specifications:

  • RAVPower Thinnest 45W PD Charger with GaN Tech
  • USB-C Charger Delivers 45W to Charge & Recharge
  • Wide Compatibility with Smart Sensor Technology
  • A Pocket-Sized Charger with World-Wide Voltage
  • Reliable UL Certified Plus Built-in Safeguards
  • Output: USB-C PD 3.0 (5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/2.25A)
  • Product Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.1 x 0.6 inches
  • Voltage: 100V–240V (85–264V) 50 / 60Hz 1. 25A
  • Safeguard: Short-Circuit Protection, Overvoltage Protection, Overcurrent
  • Item Weight: 2.56 ounces
  • 180-Day Free Return
  • Warranty: 12-Month (+18-Month Extended Warranty)

What’s in the box

  • RAVPower RP-PC104 45W Ultrathin PD Charger
What's in the box...
What’s in the box…


Wall chargers aren’t anything new but with USB-C PD, there is a new batch popping up. The RAVPower RP-PC104 lives up to the ultrathin in its name. At about 5/8-inch thick, the wall charger is 3 3/16-inches tall and 2 1/4-inches wide.

The RAVPower RP-PC104 45W Ultrathin PD Charger is pretty thin.

There really isn’t much to it, it’s a rectangular brick with rounded corners. Our review sample was white and has the RAVPOWER logo vertically across the front in grey. You can also get the adapter in black. The edges are tapered in slightly and it’s obvious the adapter is two pieces sandwiched together.

The USB-C port is located on the bottom of the charger. Flipping the charger over, the electrical prongs are folded up towards the top. They stick out just enough along the top edge to allow you to flick them down for use.

While not much to look at. the RAVPower RP-PC104 is definitely slim and will take up little space against your wall outlet. In fact, my first thought when I saw the size was that it was perfect for between the wall and the side of a desk where larger outlets require a bigger gap between the desk and the wall.


As you can see in the specifications, RAVPower states that the charger uses
GaN Tech. No clue what that is? I had to look it up as well… on that note, here’s what Wikipedia has to say on the matter:

Gallium nitride (GaN) is a binary III/V direct bandgap semiconductor commonly used in light-emitting diodes since the 1990s. […] Because GaN transistors can operate at much higher temperatures and work at much higher voltages than gallium arsenide (GaAs) transistors, they make ideal power amplifiers at microwave frequencies.


So, in a nutshell, GaN tech offers higher operating voltage, temperature, and density, while being a more durable and crack-resistant material.

That out of the way, we tested the RAVPower RP-PC104 with three devices. The first, a Lenovo Ideapad 730S. While plugged in using the wall charger instead of its included power supply, the 730S pulled an average of about 40W which was more than enough to power, charge, and run it.

The RAVPower 45W wall charger provides enough power for some laptops.

Next, we tested it out on a Pixel 3. While charging through the RP-PC104, it pulled 10.54W and indicated it was charging rapidly.

Finally, we charged the RAVPower RP-PB159 20100mAh USB-C power bank with it. The power bank was dead when we connected it and upon connecting, it started pulling just under 30W. On that note, it fully charged the power bank in about 3 hours.

So, as we saw in our tests, the RAVPOWER 5W Ultrathin PD Charger definitely pushes out what it advertises and charges a number of different devices as expected.


With an MSRP of US$59.99, the RAVPower RP-PC014 isn’t cheap. It is currently on sale for $54.99, which helps a bit. On that note, if you’re looking for a portable charger or a second charger for your laptop or other devices at a second location, it’s definitely cheaper than buying another power supply for most laptops. One thing to note, however, is that it doesn’t include a USB-C to USB-C cable, so you’ll need to pick one of those up and factor that into the cost as well.

The RAVPower RP-PC104 45W Ultrathin PD Charger has foldable prongs for easy portability.


The RAVPower RP-PC104 45W Ultrathin PD Charger sure does deliver up to 45W of power and charging over USB-C. While not exactly cheap, it is slim and ultra-portable and definitely makes a great secondary charging source for your USB-C PD needs.

*We were sent a sample of the RAVPower RP-PC104 45W Ultrathin PD Charger for the purposes of this review. In some of our articles and especially in our reviews, you will find Amazon or other affiliate links. Running a website does take money, along with time. Any purchases you make through these links often result in a small amount being earned for the site and/or our writers.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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