Infographic: Cybercrime statistics can be scarier than any horror movie


Cybercrime is a growing industry that is costing users billions of dollars a year, year over year. Criminals are getting more sophisticated and coming up with much more sophisticated plans to steal data. According to IBM, 85% of email attachments from spam sites have been designed to spread ransomware.

If that’s not enough to scare you, we’ve got plenty more stats like this. Just check out the infographic below. Forget the latest horror film; this infographic could end up giving you sleepless nights because it highlights very real risks.

Considering all the damage that cybercrime can wreak, you might actually be safer dealing with some weird little demon girl climbing out of your TV than leaving your data unprotected.

What we found most interesting in the infographic was that there are so many different types of attacks. Now, while you’ve no doubt heard about the major types, like ransomware and viruses, it’s important to know about all potential attacks. That way, you are more likely to recognize one when you see it.

And while it’s scary to realize that there are several potential attacks that you might face, it should also be a good wake up call. We can’t guarantee that you’ll never click on a dodgy email or link, but armed with what you’ll learn in this infographic, you’ll be less likely to.

Why not use this as an opportunity to overhaul your online security? Here are some things that you might want to check on.

  • How strong is your password? If it’s under 16 characters, is easy to guess, and does not contain a mix of uppercase, lowercase, and special characters plus numbers, it’s going to be easier to crack.
  • Is your antivirus software up to date? You should have it automatically update daily for best results.
  • Have you backed up your data? Worst case scenario, your computer is hacked. Backing it up minimizes the damage.

Overall, securing your data means being vigilant. Check out the infographic so that you can see what other potential attacks there might be.


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Last Updated on February 17, 2021.


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