Infographic: 101 Marvel character comic book debuts

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Who is older: Iron Man or Captain America? Do you think you know? Who is older: Carol Danvers or Kitty Pride? Don’t know that either? Marvel fans, it’s time to test your history knowledge of this comic company’s greatest debuts on its 80th anniversary.

See when your favorite comic book hero made their first appearance in this extensive Marvel retrospective by AAA State of Play. It’s also packed with surprises and often-forgotten faves, like the Sub-Mariner, Blue Blade, Beta Ray Bill, and Lockjaw as well as recent, big-screen stars like Deadpool, Captain Marvel, and the crew from X-Men.

Marvel is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year, a year-long event honoring its history and characters. This year, the company is releasing a massive publication chronicling the company’s history, called Decades, highlighting the coolest adventurers of each generation. For the whole year, Marvel fans have the chance to look back and see how this humble comic company became a media empire.

Starting with a 10-cent edition of Marvel Comics, the company’s first-ever hero was an underwater adventurer called the Sub-Mariner, who oddly has never seen a film release. This is because of Namor’s movie rights in a complicated knot between Universal Pictures and Disney. While Universal made a deal for the Hulk, it doesn’t seem like the company’s last claws in Marvel will ever release any time soon.

Marvel later found its stride with Captain America and later the Fantastic Four.

Some of the more recent heroes like Deadpool, Venom, Ironheart, and Ms. Marvel have been recent successes in a long line of powerful and influential characters.

The demand on comics is culturally high, while unfortunately, Marvel had a particularly bad year for numbers in 2017. A lot of fans faced frustration with the now infamous Captain America twist, they lost writers, and Marvel insisted upon the cancellation of characters who were just getting started.

It’s been a rocky road for the company that now seems like it’s on top of the world. But we’re confident that there are many more stories to tell. Here’s to another 80 years!

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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