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We live in a world which to some extent has been overrun by crime. Robberies, hooliganism, and other nefarious activities abound. Considering this situation, there has been a rise in the demand for security and security products.

Let us take you on a mystical journey through the intricacies of the art of security. Just kidding, We’ll just be telling you about sensors, detectors and the principles behind them.

Why do you need a security system?

Perhaps you live in the suburbs, or downtown, or even in the countryside. Either way, you would want to keep your family safe from rogues, robbers and who knows what other godforsaken thing goes bump in the night. Even if you live in a relatively safe neighborhood, there is this peace of mind knowing that this space is your personal space and that no one can trespass on it without your knowledge.

Makes you sleep better at night, it really does. Then you might have some valuables you’re concerned about. Maybe jewelry? Artworks? Antiques? That old quilt grandma gave you? If so, you need a security system you might want to consider think protection inc. What about your children? Maybe you have toddlers…well toddling around the house. You need to make sure that space around is safe for them, and one of the steps involved in doing this is getting a security system.

Getting Started:

The heart of any good security system is surveillance. And when you talk about surveillance, you talk about sensors and detectors, which might as well be two faces of the same coin.

Here are some tips for setting up your personalized security surveillance system. A lot of experts believe that surveillance is much better when the images are 3 dimensional, so you might want to note that while scouting.

Also, the surveillance equipment you get should be very sensitive to the details you want to capture, but at the same time, be almost impervious to the everyday objects it will encounter. You want to keep the number of times a stray ball triggers your alarm to a minimum. There are actually many types of sensors and detectors, but let’s talk about a few.

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Motion Sensors

These nifty devices can also be known as Motion Detectors. They are majorly effective at detecting suspicious objects in motion. How do they work, you may ask. Through various mechanisms. Some can feel the temperature of individual skins and uses mid-wavelength infrared rays to detect the movement of warm objects.

Then there are motion detectors that work using microwaves. They continuously beam microwaves and detect the reflection of the microwaves off moving bodies. Other motion detectors use ultrasonic waves. Basically, this is the same technology that is used to locate submarines in the deep oceans but now, you can use it to detect intruders in your backyard.

Still, other motion detectors are tomographic motion detectors. These detectors give you surrounding web of radio waves, and any disturbance in this web causes the alarm bells to go off.

Finally, for some more high tech stuff, there may be a combination of two or more of the types of motion sensors mentioned above. This is to reduce the chances of false alarms.

Metal Detectors

These are especially helpful if you are trying to ward against weapons. Metal detectors work by producing an alternating magnetic field through the flow of current through a coil. Any metal within its range would be detected.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are very important aspects of a security system. Just think of the uses. Factories, homes, arson. They work detecting combustion gases like carbon dioxide in the air. Some smoke detectors may detect carbon monoxide in the air too. How these gases are detected varies from product to product, but the principle remains the same — Smoke? Alarm!

Placement Issues

You might need some professional help here. As a rule of thumb, place sensors in areas you feel are vulnerable. Windows, doors, staircases. Smoke detectors are best placed in the kitchen. That’s good for a start.

The truth is, no security system foolproof. But with proper use of surveillance gadgets, we can have a good chance at making our home a bastion of peace in a chaotic world.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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