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Augmented reality is one of the most buzz-worthy tech trends in recent years. While the technology has been used in video games, AR has been recently making waves in other major industries, including construction.

By blurring the line between digital information and physical settings, augmented reality is helping construction teams become more efficient, solve problems, and have greater confidence in their projects. Rather than replacing workers on the field, AR enhances the ways humans and digital machines work together.

By 2020, the AR market is expected to grow by $90 billion globally. As augmented reality continues to break ground, it will become invaluable to the future of construction. Here are the six areas where AR reality is revolutionizing building projects and work sites in 2019.

Projects can be previewed in advance

Using 3D software, building planners can produce interactive models of their building plans. An AR-enabled device like a headset or tablet can superimpose 3D models over these 2D sketches allowing team members to preview projects with clients and make any necessary changes.

Contractors can make automated measurements

When working on the job site, contractors will be able to use their AR device to digitally measure the building space’s dimensions efficiently and accurately. This information can be referenced with building plans, allowing builders to properly manage materials and iron out inconsistencies.

Project modifications can be made in real-time

AR grants users the ability to view digital information over the real world. By displaying virtual views of a building against its actual physical dimensions, builders can easily troubleshoot projects and make modify or update virtual plans with only a few taps.

On-site information can speed up projects

With an AR device, contractors can bring up virtual layers of the building, such as the planned locations for pipes, outlets, switches, and drill holes. This increases project accuracy and prevents any mistakes.

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Teams can collaborate more efficiently

It takes time for all teams in a building project to regroup and review blueprints. Using AR, all teams can quickly share notes and videos of a building project in real time and directly compare a project to its digital model. This greatly reduces the time and costs needed for teams to make a decision.

Companies can improve safety training

Sometimes, training is most effective during real-life scenarios. With the help of an AR headset, workers can see virtual drills, safety scenarios, and instructions directly on the worksite and with equipment.
To learn even more about how construction companies are using augmented reality for these important applications, check out the infographic below from BigRentz.

IG ar in construction 1

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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