PhoneSoap Go review: The perfect gadget for germaphobes with smartphones

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Some gadgets we review are a little difficult to wrap our heads around. The PhoneSoap Go is one of these. We reviewed the original PhoneSoap back in 2015 and even then it wasn’t an easy task. The difficulty in reviewing the PhoneSoap Go is that without access to scientific equipment, it is hard to really verify it’s doing what it says it does.

PhoneSoap has offered up research that shows that their devices actually do work. So you either have to believe the science they’ve presented or you don’t. For us, we believe that the company is legit and that the method PhoneSoap uses to sanitize your smartphone actually does work. Check out the video the Discovery Channel did on the device some years back, and then read on for the full PhoneSoap Go review!


The PhoneSoap Go has the following features and specifications:

  • 2X 254nm UV-C Lamps
  • 6,000 mAh battery
  • USB Type A port charging
  • USB Type C port charging
  • Inner dimensions:
    • Millimeters: 173 L X 95 W X 20 H
    • Inches: 6.8 L x 3.74 W x .78 H
  • Outer dimensions:
    • Millimeter: 216 L x 127 W X 44.8 H
    • Inches: 8.5 L X 5 W X 1.76 H

What’s In The Box

  • PhoneSoap Go
  • Carrying Case
  • Barrel-style charging cable
PhoneSoap Go
Carrying case, cable, and PhoneSoap Go is what you get.


The design of the PhoneSoap Go is relatively non-descript, and, when inside its carrying case resembles a book. The case is very nice and very well made. It’s not bulky but offers up good protection from falls and other abuse you might subject to the Go.

The PhoneSoap Go design looks very much like the one we reviewed back in 2015, so little has changed. Pulling the device out of the case shows the light-up PhoneSoap logo, along with four LED lights which shows how much power you have left in the battery.

The bottom of the device only has vents for keeping the internals cool and nothing more. The sides of the device also have nothing to be seen or used. The rear of the device houses the USB Type-A port for charging output and one USB Type-C output/input for charging. There is also the barrel-style charging port for using the included charging cable. There is no charging brick included, so you’ll have to use a computer or another charging brick to charge the Go.

Opening up the device shows the two UV-C lamps housed inside, which are what kills the germs on your phone. One difference between the PhoneSoap Go and the previous model is that there is now a notch that allows your phone cable to sit in without having to slide your cable through anything. As Jason said in his review, this thing looks like a mini tanning bed for smartphones.

Overall, this is just a plain design, nothing that you’re going to be showing off to friends for its aesthetic appearance, though you might show it off for its functionality.

The PhoneSoap Go will fit most smartphones including those with bulky cases.

Ease of Use

This is probably the easiest gadget you will ever use as it’s as simple as putting your phone in, closing the lid, and pushing a button. That’s literally it. Place your phone inside the Go, close the lid, and tap the lightning bolt logo on top.

The PhoneSoap will turn on and take about 10-minutes to sanitize your phone. Once the cycle is over, the logo will turn off and you can remove your phone.

You can also charge the phone while sanitizing or just use the PhoneSoap Go as an external battery. To use it while sanitizing, just plug your phone into one of the back USB ports and lay your phone in the Go, close the lid making sure the cable goes through the cable notch and tap the lightning bolt. Super simple.

The company says you can sanitize anything that fits into the Go, not just phones, so clean away as long as it fits inside and the lid can close.

Overall, there’s nothing to using this device, it’s basically a one button experience.

USB ports on the back.


This is the area of this review where it is hard to quantify the results. We know that UV light kills germs and we have to believe in the science that the Go’s UV light is doing exactly that. PhoneSoap did put together a FAQ video that might answer some of the questions you have about performance and other points. Check that out below.


The Go is priced at US$79.95 which isn’t crazy expensive and I think priced accordingly. As for value, as Jason mentions in his review, this device is for those concerned about germs on their devices. Our first review did mention the build-quality not being up to par, I think PhoneSoap has made some improvements there. While it is still a plastic construction, it feels sturdy and well-built. The carrying case also adds another layer of protection and value.

Wrap Up

There are basically going to be two trains of thought on the PhoneSoap Go. It’s a great solution to killing germs and it’s a gimmick. For those who think it’s a gimmick, you’re obviously not going to buy into this product. For those who are concerned about germs, this is a good way to kill those germs while on the go and you get a nice 6,000mAh battery.

*We received a sample of the PhoneSoap Go for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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