The Lenovo EGO is a new sub-US$30 smartwatch you can swim with

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Smartwatches have been around now for more than a few years but some people still aren’t buying them. Part of that has to do with cost as well as utility. The Lenovo EGO is a new sub-US$30 smartwatch that is easy on the pocketbook but is also 5ATM waterproof.

First things first, the Lenovo EGO isn’t the most attractive thing in the world. It looks more like a Timex digital sport watch than it does a smartwatch. There are reasons for that. Using a digital display technology rather than a LED touchscreen is certainly saving a ton of money for both Lenovo and its users.

But just because this watch doesn’t have apps or a touchscreen doesn’t mean it’s still not packing some rich features. The company is positioning this device to those who are focused on health and exercise. The EGO sports an activity tracker, swim tracker, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, and comes with an impressive 20-days of battery life.

Lenovo EGO
Lenovo EGO

Swimmers will love the fact that this watch is rated 5ATM waterproof so they can track their laps very easily. Other smart features include a remote camera shutter, vibrating notifications, alerts for phone calls, emails, and text messages. Now, you won’t be able to read any of your messages on screen but you will know when messages are coming to your phone.

Here are Lenovo’s feature points on this product:

  • Heart rate monitor: Lenovo EGO has 24 hours of real-time heart rate monitoring. Amid activities like cycling, running, and other exercises, it tests heart rate 24/7 with great accuracy.
  • Scientific sleep-tracking: With the given amount and quality of sleep having a huge impact on our lives, this digital smartwatch accurately tracks your sleep patterns and helps you to set a sleep schedule and assess how well are you sleeping.
  • Smart notifications: With numerous smartphone notifications, this digital smartwatch extends vibrating smart notifications and alerts ranging from phone calls, emails, text messages, and other social media apps.
  • Swim tracking: With water resistance up to 50 meters, EGO can be used to record your laps, calories burnt and stroke style in the pool.
  • Long lasting battery life: On a single charge, the battery on the EGO lasts for 20 days helping you to track your daily activities throughout the day.
  • Remote camera: A smart feature that helps you to take a picture with a single tap on the display screen of the smartwatch. If your phone is in the hands of another person, you can easily click a picture from this digital smartwatch.
  • Compatibility: Lenovo EGO is compatible with all iOS and Android smartphones. All you need to do is to download the Lenovo Life app and connect the digital smartwatch.
  • Alarm clock: A loud alarm clock may or may not be ignored while sleeping. Need that extra kick to get out of bed? Swap a loud audio-based alarm with vibration-based alarm and wake up on time.
  • Lightweight with a sporty look: Lenovo EGO weighs 45g making it comfortable to wear. With durable black rubber buckle strap, this digital smartwatch remains safely strapped on your wrist even in the most demanding exercises. Furthermore, it has a 42mm anti-shine reflective display and night light mode.

The company is releasing the EGO on Flipkart and it will be available for purchase tomorrow for INR₹1,999 (US$29). Lenovo’s target market is India but we suspect you should still be able to purchase the EGO and have it shipped to the US.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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