Pixel 3 sluggish? Try disabling Digital Wellbeing

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One complaint that some Pixel 3 users have been having is sluggish performance. Reddit user Trueray17 thinks they may have found the culprit: Google’s Digital Wellbeing.

As the Reddit user outlines in their post, once Digital Wellbeing was disabled, their Pixel 3 smartphone’s performance improved.

So, I have literally spent months trying different methods in attempts of fixing the Pixel 3 sluggishness and stuttering issues. I tried reboots, uninstalling unwanted apps, clearing the cache, full system wipes, etc but no matter what the performance issues would return. A few days ago I stared at my pixel 3 just confused why is performance so terrible, I personally don’t believe it’s the lack of ram but software related. I asked myself what is the last big feature that Google added to Android Pie?! Just maybe that is the culprit. Then, Digital Wellbeing came in to mind. So I went in to my settings clicked on Digital Wellbeing, clicked the 3 dots on the top right and turned off usage access. Disabling digital Wellbeing from tracking apps and data. After that, my phone has been butter smooth not one stutter or lag. Switching between apps is a breeze now, no more text input lag just speedy performance throughout the whole UI. Also, if you reduce animations in developer options it’s a whole new experience (blazing fast). I highly recommend everyone who is experiencing performance issues (sluggishness, lag, stutters) throughout the UI to disable digital Wellbeing. Let us know if it fixed the performance issues and spread the word.

u/Trueray17 on Reddit

While my Pixel 3 has been performing fine for the most part, there has been the odd instance where it has indeed felt a bit sluggish. Since I took Trueray17’s advice and disabled the app yesterday, I haven’t noticed any sluggish performance on my Pixel 3 so they may very well be on to something. To be honest, I didn’t really use it anyways so, like anything else, disabling or uninstalling apps you don’t use can only help.

Disabling Digital Wellbeing is pretty simple, as indicated in the post. Simply go to Settings > Digital Wellbeing > 3 dots > Turn off usage access > Turn off in settings > select Digital Wellbeing > toggle Permit usage access to off. Once you’ve done so, hopefully, you’ll see you sluggish Pixel 3 performance issues disappear.

Digital Wellbeing settings menu
Digital Wellbeing settings menu.

Have you been having performance issues with your Pixel 3 device? Have you tried disabling this app and noticed an improvement? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or MeWe.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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