Bose is stuffing the Google Assistant into its line of smart speakers

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Bose is one of the best known audio brands on the planet and the Google Assistant is one of the best digital assistants out there. Now, Google and Bose have teamed up to bring the Google Assistant to Bose’s line of smart speakers. These include the Bose Home Speaker 500, Bose Soundbar 500 and 700, and an all-new, compact smart speaker coming later this summer, the Bose Home Speaker 300.

Most of us know by now what you can do with Google Assistant, things such as playing the favorite part of a song, getting the weather, getting your headlines and news. There’s a whole laundry list of things the Assistant can do and now these select models of Bose speakers work with it.

The smart speakers from Bose combine size-defying audio performance now with the power of the Google Assistant. With the Google Assistant built in, you can play music, find answers on Google Search, manage everyday tasks and control smart devices around your home—just by saying “Hey Google.” If you’re using the Assistant for the first time on your Bose device, here are a few tips to get started:

Enjoy entertainment: Ask the Google Assistant to play music, and radio from your speaker. Or, stream videos to your Chromecast-enabled TV with a simple voice command to your Bose smart speaker. Later this summer, you’ll be able to play the news and podcasts, too.

Get answers: Get answers on sports, weather, finance, calculations, and translations.

Control compatible smart home devices: Check that the lights are turned off when you leave home and adjust the thermostat when you return. The Assistant works with over 1,600 home automation brands and more than 20,000 devices.

Plan your day: With your permission, get help with things like your flight information, or your commute to work. Check on the latest weather and traffic in your area.

Manage tasks: With your permission, your Assistant can add items to your shopping list and stock up on essentials. Set alarms and timers hands-free.

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Bose Google Assistant smart speakers
Bose Speaker 300

If you own one of these speakers, you will be getting a software update soon. You can go to “Voice Settings” in the Bose Music app, select the Google Assistant and follow the guided setup process.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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