Lifeproof LIFEACTÍV Power Pack 10 Qi review: Wireless charging on the go



Smartphone battery life has improved year over year but some users still demand more power. Not only are users demanding more power but they’re demanding it meets their on the go lifestyle. That’s where the Lifeproof LIFEACTÍV Power Pack 10 Qi comes in.

The Lifeproof LIFEACTÍV Power Pack 10 Qi is a wireless charging battery pack that’s slim and rugged and fits perfectly in a bag or purse. The Power Pack 10 Qi also comes with a handy flashlight built into it. Read on for the full review of the Lifeproof LIFEACTÍV Power Pack 10 Qi and find out why it is a Top Pick for 2019.


The Lifeproof LIFEACTÍV Power Pack 10 Qi has the following features and specifications:

  • Dimensions: 6.72″ x 2.96″ x .70″ / 170.8 mm x 75.1 mm x 17.74 mm
  • Weight: 8.8 oz / 250 g
  • Power: 10,000 mAh battery
  • Energy Saving: auto-stop charge technology
  • Quick Charge: rapid recharge saves on socket time
  • Survives Depth: 6.6 feet / 2 meters underwater for 1 hour – Charge port door must be closed
  • Drop Height: 4 feet / 1.2 meters

What’s In The Box

  • Lifeproof LIFEACTÍV Power Pack 10 Qi wireless charger
  • USB Type-C to USB-A cable
  • Manuals and documentation
Lifeproof Power Pack 10 Qi
Nice clean design as well as rugged.


The Power Pack 10 Qi design manages to have a rugged build quality paired with a handsome design language. The top edge of the unit houses the LED flashlight. The flashlight can shine solid red, blinking red, and solid white with two levels of brightness.

The red light is perfect for emergency use and can be used to signal that you’re in trouble. The bottom of the unit houses the USB-C port to charge the unit or charge a device with a USB-C to USB-C cable. There is also a USB-A port for charging any other device through that port. The port door does close and the battery pack can be used underwater.

Lifeproof Power Pack 10 Qi

The part of the battery pack that sits up has the button that activates the flashlight as well as the power delivery. There are 4 LED light indicators that show how much juice you have left in the pack. The part of the battery pack that lays flat has nothing on it. The sides are made of a rubber bumper material that adds nice drop protection.

The whole unit is about the same thickness as three modern smartphones stacked on top of each other. While it is a bit thick, it’s also slim and tall so holding it isn’t a huge ordeal. I didn’t find the thickness to be a problem. Sure, it would be nice if it was thinner but I didn’t find it to be a negative.

Overall, it’s a simple design and it’s rugged. I liked it.

Lifeproof Power Pack 10 Qi

Ease of Use

Super simple to use. First you should plug it in and charge it to full. Then you’re ready to use it. Simply push the button on the front once to activate wireless charging and then place your device on top of it. Your device will start charging and that is it. If you want to charge other devices via the ports, just open the port door and plug-in.

To use the flash light you have to hold the button on the front down for a second or two. The red light will come on first, push the button a second time for the flashing red light, push the button a third time for white light, and finally a forth time for a brighter white light. To turn off the flashlight just hold the button down again for a second or two until the light turns off.

Overall the Power Pack 10 Qi is dead simple to use.

Battery Life

The capacity of this unit is 10,000mAh which should give most smartphones at least two charging cycles. It will also depend on how much you use the flashlight and what other devices you are charging. It would have been nice to see this with 15,000mAh but then it would be thicker.

Lifeproof Power Pack 10 Qi


Priced at US$99.99 the Power Pack 10 Qi seems expensive but given that it has wireless charging and is built to take a beating and go underwater, I think there’s plenty of value here.

Wrap Up

I don’t have one bad thing to say about the Power Pack 10 Qi. It’s nearly the perfect wireless charging battery pack for those on the go.

*We received a sample of the Lifeproof LIFEACTÍV Power Pack 10 Qi for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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