How to use technology with an educational purpose – facilitating learning in the digital era

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Technology advancements have had a huge impact on various industries. Whatever sector you analyze, you can clearly see how technology has shaped it and improve different practices. Education is one of the domains that have had a lot to gain from digital trends. If you are still behind in this department, and your teaching methods have remained rather traditional ones, it’s certainly time to make a change.

Both you, as a teacher, and your students can benefit from what educational technology has to offer. Collaborating in a more productive and proactive manner is now possible, as long as you use the right tools and resources to your advantage. If you are interested in expanding your reach and increase student motivation and engagement, you need to look into educational technologies and digital learning opportunities and use wisely.

But what exactly are your possibilities here? What should you be looking into at the moment? Here are a few pointers that might help you pursue the right educational path in today’s digital climate:

Integrate innovation in the classroom and make learning fun

Once you start using technology in the classroom, you will immediately notice a boost in interest and engagement. Today’s generation of students is drawn to everything that has to do with innovation and tech, and this is something you can use in your favor.

Whether you use virtual reality to demonstrate something related to your lessons, you include mobile apps in your lectures, or you find smart ways to work with gadgets and smart devices, integrate teach innovation, and make sour classes more fun.

Facilitate online learning – virtual classes have increased in popularity

Whether you want to tutor students who reach out to you outside class, or you want to escape geographical boundaries and provide your teaching support on a wider scale, virtual classes can be the ideal solution here. Online learning has become a preferred option for students who want to obtain educational assistance at high standards in a more convenient and versatile manner.

Because you no longer need to meet in person in order to carry out a lesson, you can expand your schedule and include teaching in digital format. What does that mean? Simply offering one-on-one or group online tutoring lessons.

In comparison with physical classes, online lessons are far more flexible. You can work with students, regardless of their exact location and you can also provide schedule flexibility. Face to face communication can be made possible through Skype and other digital communication tools of this kind. If you want to blend your traditional educational approach with virtual alternatives, you now have all the resources you need to do that.

You can even take one step further, and get more involved by recording and uploading lectures on video hosting platforms.

Encourage self-learning by promoting the right digital resources

You already know that in order for students to actually obtain excellent results, their learning needs to extend outside the classroom as well. As a tutor, it’s your responsibility to push them in the right direction, and advise them on how to make self-learning processes effective and convenient.

Various educational resources are now made available thanks to technology, to anyone who has access to the internet. Set it as one of your priorities to constantly encourage your students to make use of the best digital resources. From digital libraries to tutorials, educational games and videos, the variety of possibilities here are quite vast.

You can even take one step further, and get more involved by recording and uploading lectures on video hosting platforms. Giving peers the chance to quickly revise a lesson you have thought by simply watching a video on YouTube can truly make a difference in their academic journey. Acknowledge the importance of these types of educational tools, and make them available to your students.

Online group collaborations

Teamwork can be essential in the classroom, but working on projects and assignments together becomes more challenging for students outside class. However, the difficulties of carrying out a group project are eliminated with the help of technology.

Think of ways you can foster an online group collaboration approach, and get your students on board. There are various platforms available that allow students not only to discuss with one another but to share files and notes. The end results of a group project will be much more appealing when students actually adopt online collaborative methods.

There are also tools that allow you to monitor progress in real time. Whether it’s something as basic as Microsoft OneNote, or a more complex web application, choose an online collaborative tool that works best for you and your students, and you’ll never have peers miss project deadlines again.

Keep digital portfolios

It’s important to observe each student’s educational journey, to notice their growth and also see what they have done in class along the school year. The best way to acknowledge a student’s development is by keeping a record, and digital portfolios are the ideal option here.

Paper-based portfolios have been used by educators for a long time, their purpose being well-understood. But with digital possibilities, things can become far more convenient, and a more robust outreach is ensured.

Prioritizing digital portfolios can also work as a motivation booster. When students know their work can be easily checked out in the online environment, they will likely become more competitive and give their best to achieve impressive results. Online portfolios can incorporate a wider variety of formats as well, such as videos and interactive features, so working on an educational report will be more fun.

Technology certainly manages to unlock educational boundaries, and by giving your students the possibility of accessing all the benefits digitalization’s provides in the educational sector, can improve your reach as a tutor/teacher.

Because there are so many possibilities in the digital era, being aware of them, and knowing how to use the right educational approach will make a difference in your career. While traditional teaching and learning techniques still have their undisputed purpose, embracing tech tools and digital trends facilitate better results and that’s why today’s students have a leaping advantage.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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