Is content still king for SEO in 2019?


At the mention of search engine optimization, there is not a doubt that one of the primary elements that come to mind is content. This traces its origin to when the internet was introduced and was in a growing phase to be the ultimate platform for instant access to relevant information. True to expectations, lots of strategic players did not fail in the endeavor and consequently made the internet a massive library of information accessible by everyone.

However, as time went by, the internet took a new form as it became more than a platform with tons of information but a marketing channel that provided a link between a business and clients. Ultimately, this has become one of the greatest pillars of the platform, which has entirely redefined how the modern market operates.

Still, despite the numerous changes, a debate that anyone with interest in marketing has heard over and over again is whether content still king. In 2019, this question still lingers in the mind of many people given the importance of search engine optimization to influencing the online presence of a business. A primary factor why this is a concern that has to be regularly addressed is that search engine algorithms are continually being updated by taking to account the current market needs and future trends.

It is therefore critical for any business that wants to rank well in search engine result pages (SERPs) to take to account these changes and implement them in their campaigns. Despite this making digital marketing one of the most involving ventures, it is also the core reason why the internet offers an equal chance of success to every business. The ever-shifting landscape makes competition equally spread, and the top rankings are, as such, not reserved for some brands but can be earned by adhering to the latest best practices.

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For many businesses, failure of mastery for all of these techniques has been the stumbling block to appreciating the potentials that great content could have on their online presence.

To answer the question as to how relevant content is in SEO in 2019, the best approach would be first to dispel rumors and assumptions as to what it means to have ‘great content.’ It is one thing to go around and produce hundreds of pages of content and expect that it will see you dominate search engines. It is another to have a great content strategy that will see you attract the right traffic and consequently lead to conversions. The first approach which is essentially spamming the internet will do you more harm than good, while the second will require more than just ‘content’ but a mix of crucial elements for a result-oriented venture.

White hat SEO techniques involve several steps that must be adhered to for a process that will make it possible for a business to effectively capture the market attention and consequently grow their rankings. Primarily the SEO process involves; keyword analysis, keyword assignment, on-site SEO code optimization, on-site content SEO, on-site internal link optimizations, and external SEO linking. For each step, there are clear rules that must be adhered to that are in line with the current best practices dictated by search engine algorithms. An evaluation of the SEO process, in turn, proves that content creation is a part of the cog in the larger machine and is the result of prior steps that have to be gotten right. These previous steps, as such, directly determine how effective the content published will be in ensuring that the full powers of SEO are attained.

For many businesses, failure of mastery for all of these techniques has been the stumbling block to appreciating the potentials that great content could have on their online presence. To avoid taking chances, seeking technical SEO advice from seasoned professionals offers a raised ground to developing a holistic package that is satisfaction guaranteed. Generally, for the creation of content that is considered good, a business must ensure it provides answers to a problem, it is published on a trustworthy page, and it has a sense of authority. The fulfillment of these Google-verified criteria is largely what sets apart just another piece of content on the internet from one that is relevant to the user. In the end, the content remains the SEO-connection point to the market and is primarily why every business must invest in it. Content is still king, but you must never forget that the internet is a battlefield and for the king to be noticed, there must be a good strategy and soldiers to ensure dominance.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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