Moshi SnapTo wireless car mount review: A must-have wireless car charger for iPhone

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9.6/10 rating

It’s been a minute now since the iPhone gained wireless charging, and users couldn’t be more happy about it. As usual, Apple is behind in adopting new technologies but at least they finally did. But…I digress. Now that your iPhone has wireless charging, you’re probably looking for a great wireless car charger. Well, look no further than the Moshi SnapTo wireless car mount.

Now, the Moshi SnapTo wireless car mount is not going to be for everyone. Its biggest crutch is the fact you’ll need a Moshi case with the SnapTo system for it to work properly. But, if you can get over that hurdle, then this wireless car charger is one amazing product you’ll absolutely love. Read on for the full review of the Moshi SnapTo wireless car mount.


The Moshi SnapTo wireless car mount has the following features and specifications:

  • Dimensions: 7.1 x 3.9 x 7.9 inches
  • Weight: 7oz
  • Compatibility: Moshi SnapTo cases only
  • Mounting options: Mount to dash or vent
  • Allows for one-handed mounting and removal of iPhone

What’s In The Box

  • Moshi SnapTo car mount
  • Dash mount
  • Vent mount
  • USB Type-C cable
  • x2 SnapTo Magnetic Mount
  • Manuals and documentation


When I opened the Moshi SnapTo car mount I was really amazed at just how small and slim it was. If you’ve used wireless car chargers in the past, you know many of them are bulky and big. This looks like a simple wireless charging puck and a very small stand. It’s a refreshing change from the mounts with bulky clamps, articulating arms, and a bevy of knobs.

As mentioned, the charger is basically a wireless charging puck with a USB-C port for the charging cable to plug into. The cable is about 4-feet in length. This is generally okay for most users, but I do wish it were longer. A 6-foot cable would have been better.

The Moshi SnapTo car mount will only work with a Moshi SnapTo case, so keep that in mind. The SnapTo system works with magnets that are embedded in the case. The corresponding magnets on the charger line up perfectly with the case so as to not interfere with the Qi wireless charger.

Moshi SnapTo wireless car charger dash mount
With iPhone mounted

Moshi also sent us the Moshi SnapTo wall mount which looks exactly like the dash mount but does not charge the phone. The wall mount basically allows you to mount your phone just about anywhere, such as a wall near to where you spend a lot of time. You can buy the SnapTo wall mount for US$18.95 on Moshi’s website.

You can also use the included vent mount to mount the charger to your vents. This is not our preferred method so I didn’t use it, but it’s a pretty simple system. Overall, this is a nice minimal dash mount and the SnapTo system holds the phone very well. We had no problem with the phone slipping or falling even on rough roads.

Ease of Use

Holy cow is the Moshi SnapTo dash mount wireless car charger simple to use. The dash mount simply sticks to the dash with 3M sticky tape that’s already on the bottom of the mount. I would recommend finding your spot just right before installing. The 3M does stick VERY well, I’m thinking you’ll need a hairdryer to soften up that sticky stuff if you ever want to remove it.

The vent mount is also very easy to use. It’s pretty much like any other vent mount with two prongs that secure on the car vent and hold it in place. All that you need to do is run your cable under the dash to hide it the best you can. Super simple. Overall, this is a very easy to use and install dash mount. The SnapTo case just goes on your phone after you install the SnapTo magnets into it.

Moshi SnapTo wireless car charger dash mount
Slim and small


The Moshi SnapTo wireless car charger does do quick charging or fast charging and it manages to keep your device topped up while traveling. We used it on a long trip and found that it did a good job of keeping the iPhone fully charged while still streaming music.

Overall, I think this wireless car charger works exactly how it should and does a good job of keeping your iPhone charged. It doesn’t work with any cases but Moshi’s, so that is the only downside to performance and compatibility.


Priced at US$59.95, I think the price point is spot on. I think there is a ton of value in this product, especially with fast charging. I also think there’s a ton of value in its small form factor. The SnapTo wall mount is also a nice addition, giving you the ability to mount your phone just about anywhere.

Wrap Up

I’d recommend the Moshi SnapTo wireless car charger to everyone. It’s small, easy to use, does fast charging and is priced well. You will need to buy a compatible Moshi SnapTo case to make it work but that’s not a bad thing, Moshi makes great cases too. You can read more Moshi reviews and news here.

*We received a sample of the Moshi SnapTo wireless car mount for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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