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If you are ready to develop your e-business and want to launch a website, then you might need to understand the main factors of site creation. Have no idea of what to focus on and what steps to take to ensure the success of your online business? Then this will help you get it straightened out. Check out our guide on what to do and pay attention to when building an online website.

The Art of Building an Online Website from Scratch

Based on the strategic company objectives and industry trends, as well as competitors and customer behavior, it is necessary to decide on the strategy of e-business implementation. At this point, you are to address the technical aspects and decide on some important questions, such as domain name, website structure, hosting, and IA. Of course, you can also get professional help from eweb in terms of hosting selection. However, it is still necessary for you to understand the basic rules.

1. Develop a website structure 

At this stage, it is useful to visit the websites of your competitors and do their detailed evaluation. Thus, you can get a clear understanding of a website structure and information architecture to implement. At this point, you are also to decide whether the site will be developed by an in-house specialist or by an external company. 

2. Decide on website development solutions

At the preparation stage, you need to decide whether the site will be based on existing solutions or developed from scratch. As a rule, developers offer to use ready-made solutions that are customized to specific client requests. This approach will save you time and project budgets from unnecessary expenses. 

Launching a website can be an easy and even exciting business if you follow the above recommendations and request professional help if needed.

3. Select and register a domain name

For your clients (both potential and existing) to easily access your online resource, make sure that a Domain Name System (DNS) operates on the Web. It is designed to ensure that any resource, in addition to the unique IP address, has an easily remembered domain name. Registering a domain name is a beneficial procedure for a website owner since it contributes to:

  • the improved memorization of the site address – if the site has a short and easy-to-grasp name, a potential client can easily remember it after seeing the address on a business card or in an advertisement;
  • easy search on the Web – increase traffic to your online resource by picking the right domain name and registering it;
  • building a strong company image – having an official website says a lot about the company professional and financial level; thus, you can build a strong brand and company image.

4. The choice of hosting

There are three options for hosting a company website:

  • on the web server of the Internet service provider;
  • on its own server with its location at the machine of the service provider;
  • on its own server that locally belongs to the company.

The first method is the cheapest way to make a website, while the last option is the most expensive one. Be ready to do significant investments to buy a server, software, pay for administration, install security software from unauthorized access, purchase communication channels, etc. It can cost thousands of dollars or even more. The main reasons for choosing this option may be a high number of visitors, the need for access to server software which the service provider cannot offer, the need for direct access to web server data, etc. 

Choosing a website hosting provider is a huge decision, which should be approached with all the responsibility in order to ensure a high-quality server operation and stable website functioning. If you do not know how to pick the right provider from a multitude of options, then it is better to leave this task to professionals. There are experts from eweb who are ready to assist you. Check up-to-date ratings and reviews of top hosting providers to select the best one for your website.

Final Words

Launching a website can be an easy and even exciting business if you follow the above recommendations and request professional help if needed. We wish you good luck in launching and running your online projects!

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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