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The situation when emails no longer reach their recipients is not really pleasant and causes headaches for both parties. The most common cause of this is the blacklisted IP. Even if the news is being sent to the subscriber base, the IP address can still be blacklisted. It’s unrealistic to fully exclude the possibility of getting into a blacklist, but these risks can be significantly minimized.

If your email is blacklisted, the server may start returning letters with blocking notifications. However, absolutely any user can do an IP blacklist check on https://cleantalk.org/blacklists since such lists are publicly available with the information viewable on the web.

Anti-Spam Service: How Does It Work?

Blacklists are intended to help users identify a harmful IP, email or domain, and then block sites distributing malicious content. They are usually compiled by ISP in order to help users safeguard themselves online.

The main reasons why IP, email or domain may be blacklisted are:

  • high spam complaint rates;
  • easy-to-guess email password which has been hacked and used by spammers;
  • too many messages sent from one email address;
  • malicious and harmful content distribution.

These days, thousands of people take advantage of special anti-spam services and spam blacklist checkers which help them easily and quickly block fake users and delete spam comments. IP, email or domain may be automatically deleted from the blacklist within 45 days upon condition there will be no spam activity.

How Not To Get In A Blacklist

There are lots of tips on how to keep your letters from getting blacklisted.

  • Think of your IP reputation.

Use a different IP for different mailings, such as business, personal, etc. Do a mailing from a static IP; if you send letters from the new IP address, you may get blacklisted since there is a threat with an increased rate: since there is no rating on it, the letters sent from it are checked very carefully.

  • Use a reliable domain.

Mailing from a free mailbox, you may get into the IP blacklist. The most reliable way to register your domain is attaching the name of the company or organization.

  • Use your real name for sending letters.

A letter from an ordinary person will get more responses than from a robot. Type the name of the employee of the company or the name of the company in the sender column. This reduces the risk of the IP being blacklisted.

  • Avoid stop words when writing letters.

A typical call to action may be lost among other similar letters that the recipient gets in the mailbox. Write something according to the letter topic, only specifics and clarity with no stop words.

It is really easy to get into the spam database, and it will take some effort to get the IP address out of it. This applies not only to sending requests for an email to be out of the blacklist, but it is also necessary to fix the problem with spam from the server.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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