Google Pixel 4 getting face unlock, motion-sensing navigation

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Google is definitely taking a different approach than other smartphone makers this time around. While leaks are commonplace in the tech industry, Google has slowly been confirming them ahead of the Pixel 4 unveiling later this year. The latest confirms that the Google Pixel 4 will be getting face unlock capabilities and a new motion-sensing feature, allowing users to control their phones with a simple wave of their hand.

Five years in the making, Google’s ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) team has been working on motion-sensing technology called Soli. In fact, we first heard of the project back in 2015. Soli uses motion-sensing radar to track small motions which in turn register as gestures, allowing you to control your music, silence phone calls, or snooze alarms — just for starters. Google promises the Motion Sense technology will evolve over time, adding even more functionality to the system.

Face unlock isn’t new technology and is used by a number of other vendors. While this will be Google’s first outing with face unlock, they are indicating that it will be a better and more fluid process thanks to Soli. With Soli on board, it will detect when a user reaches for the Pixel 4 and immediately turns on the face unlock sensors. By the time a user is in a position to use their phone, it will be ready to use assuming it properly recognized your face.

Google Pixel 4 Soli and face unlock sensors
Google Pixel 4 Soli and face unlock sensors.

Google also reiterated its commitment to security. With their version of face unlock, the user’s facial data — as well as Soli data — is stored in the Pixel’s Titan M security chip and will not be uploaded to or shared with other Google services.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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