Infographic: The art and science of purpose


Does it really matter if you have a purpose in life? Science says yes. In fact, people who report a strong sense of purpose experience a 15% lower risk of premature death compared with those who say they don’t have a purpose or they feel aimless. Not to worry if you are feeling aimless right now — it’s actually possible to start cultivating your sense of purpose today.

Starting and developing a career is one of the more common ways that people develop a sense of purpose in their lives. Learning the skills and then applying them and growing them as you go along can be very rewarding, but be careful if that is the only thing that gives your life purpose or retirement will be rocky.

Family is another thing that gives people a sense of purpose, but again it’s wise to develop multiple areas of your life at the same time. If you wrap your entire identity up in your family, then when kids fly the nest or older relatives pass on it can leave you feeling aimless.

Start to work on developing those close-knit relationships within your family and outside of your family as well. Things like religion or spirituality can give your life a greater sense of purpose, and things like yoga or joining a book club can keep your mind active and help you keep making new friends. Develop your career but be sure it balances with your personal life so you’re not completely invested in one thing over the other.

Hobbies can improve your quality of life and sense of purpose, especially when they are done with others. Human connectedness is a crucial part of feeling a sense of purpose in life.  Learn more about how to cultivate a sense of purpose in your life from the infographic below. If you’re feeling aimless, get started today!

purpose art science infographic

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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