Infographic: The art of using tech to sell your knowledge


Having a side hustle is becoming more of a necessity these days, and a lot of side hustles just aren’t paying that well anymore. Still, the average side hustle can add 25% to your monthly income, and not all side hustles are created equal. Selling your knowledge online has never been easier, and that is one side hustle that you can eventually grow into your full-time career if you are so inclined. Is it time to look into the tech that can help you build a side hustle selling your knowledge?

Writing An Ebook Has Never Been Easier

These days writing an ebook has never been easier. Kindle Direct Publishing has tools to format your manuscript, create a cover, and finally promote your work, all great tech. Best of all, Kindle ebook authors make up to 70% royalties on their work. Barnes and Noble’s NOOK has a similar process, and authors of NOOK ebooks can make up to 65% royalties for their work.

There Are Lots Of Options For Making Money Online

Depending on the type of knowledge, there are many different ways to monetize it online. You can build an app to help solve a problem people don’t yet know they have using Buildfire or Zoho Creator and earn money with each download. If you are a designer of any kind, you can use Etsy or Redbubble to sell your designs, and the latter is integrated with printers and shippers so you only have to cash the checks from your designs.

Blogs, podcasts, and social media also give users great opportunities to monetize their skills online. You only need 1000 subscribers to monetize your YouTube channel, and social media followings can be a great opportunity to sell ads and sponsored posts. Blogs can also generate income through ad revenue and sponsored posts, just adding to the list of great tech available.

Creating An Online Course Is Easier Than You Think

Gumroad and Skillshare are both great communities for those who want to create and sell online courses. Gumroad allows you to create and sell courses within a growing community, complete with help and analytics, while Skillshare pays teachers per minute watched and students referred.

Side Hustles Are Hard, Though

Carving out time for your side hustle may be difficult, but there are a few steps you can take to ensure your success. First, set a specific time each day for each task you need to complete, from creating to promoting. Second, make sure you have a designated work spot. If you take the time to build it, eventually you can have a fully sustaining business.
Learn more about using tech to sell your knowledge online below.

tech infographic

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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