5G internet: How it can be utilized in various fields


5G internet is a groundbreaking new advancement in the world of connectivity. Nothing will ever be the same. From households to industries, everything will be revolutionized. People all over the planet are anxious to find out about the full-fledged launch of this exceptional technology in the near future as well as its limitations.

Previous networking technologies like 3G and 4G will move closer to becoming obsolete in due course of time. Initially, they may survive in the market, but progressively they will move towards becoming an extinct species of modern technology. If you wish to remain fully updated about the research and development on 5G internet, you can do so pretty seamlessly by utilizing the internet services of any of the internet providers.

Why we need 5G internet?

5G internet will change the face of the digital horizon forever. Higher bandwidth, lower latency, and overall more reliable networks, will facilitate the transmission of data in real-time – a feature that is anticipated to assist with the prevention of major disasters and subsequent losses. Fields like medicine, military, aviation and many more will employ 5G at its optimum level while every other industry on earth will also be impacted in one way or the other. 

Initial Testing

As we have mentioned a little earlier, older internet technologies are bound to meet their demise following the launch of 5G – cable and DSL will sooner or later be substituted by the newest bombshell in the field of networking. Albeit 5G has been successfully tested by engineers including the ones at the University of Essex, digital devices will take time before they become fully upgraded to support 5G.  Here it is worth mentioning, 5G internet will not work above 3,000 feet from sea level, but then at that height, one may have more things to worry about.

5G internet
With real-time data transmission, self-driven cars are anticipated to perform better than ever imagined.

Utilization of 5G


The automotive industry is all set to make the best use of 5G. AI in the world of smart cars will stand revolutionized, making it possible to transmit accurate data at lightning-fast speeds. With real-time data transmission, self-driven cars are anticipated to perform better than ever imagined.

Artificial Intelligence, AR & VR

Perhaps the world of AI development will make the most use of 5G internet. Applications of Augmented Reality require high-speed internet without lag in order to furnish a fully immersive experience to the users. And the same is true for applications based on VR. 


Gamers are perhaps the one cross-section of the mass population that is most eagerly awaiting the global launch of 5G. No buffering during live matches, no lag in multi-player games and shorter response times overall, will make the gaming experience even more smooth and all the more gratifying.


The field of Medicine is surely in dire need of this technology. Real-time data transmission over a reliable connection is crucial in the healthcare industry, which 5G is anticipated to furnish. Even a split-second delay can become a matter of life and death, and given this service is theoretically 200 times faster than a basic dial-up, it is bound to assist perfectly.


The benefits of 5G internet will perhaps be highly apparent in the military as well. Transmission of critical data in real-time will greatly assist in the flawless execution of many complicated tasks especially when it comes to automated weapons. 


Airlines always require real-time data. Even a split second difference can turn into a matter of life and death – major catastrophes and countless casualties can be avoided with real-time data transfer to multiple recipients and shortened response time expected to occur with the blessings of 5G technology. 

Hazards and Conclusion

Everything comes with a price. With 5G internet we will have to face higher levels of radiation, which would become harmful with continued contact. Higher radiation levels will translate into a higher risk of developing various diseases inclusive of cancer. Since 5G radio waves carry the capacity to alter the orbital properties of electrons in oxygen molecules and the 60GHz frequency is considered to fall in the oxygen molecule absorption spectrum, the use of air purifiers in work and residential environments will become necessary following a full-fledged launch of 5G. This is the reason it is estimated that by 2030 air purifiers will be sold at the commercial level. Continuous usage of 5G internet can also cause eyesight and brain damage making it all the more essential to remain cautious.

Having said that, there are always pros and cons to every situation. You have to lose something to get something and it would not be any different with 5G either.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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