Growing number of legitimizing giants partnering with cryptocurrencies


The world of cryptocurrency continues to change as it grows in popularity. Yes, many people are afraid of what this currency revolution could do to the world, but there are enough people out there willing to take a risk.

For the most part, small people have decided to take a risk, but that is changing. Larger entities are taking a stab at the cryptocurrency, which is what we are going to talk about now.

BitCoin and Friends

Bitcoin is one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies out there. It makes sense that this coin has gathered some pretty big partners that are helping to legitimize this growing financial movement.

Some of those big names are Microsoft, Dish Network, Paypal, and Intuit. This means these companies are taking steps to make the life of bitcoin owners a little easier. For example, Microsoft is now accepting bitcoins as payment for content in their Windows and Xbox stores. The dish is also setting up a channel to accept digital coins for their services.

Ethereum is Gathering

Another big name in cryptocurrency is Ethereum, and it has been earning its own set of partners, legitimizing the coin’s place in this new world. At the moment, over 200 organizations and companies are working with Ethereum.

Some of the largest brands linked to this coin include JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, Intel, Mastercard, Credit Suisse, and BP, just to name a few. It should be pointed out that BP is actually using Ethereum to speed up the company’s ability to streamline trading, which could end up making more money for the company.

Ripple’s Getting Friendly

Yes, there are large cryptocurrencies earning strong partnerships, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t smaller coins to pay attention to. The key, especially for investors, is to keep up with up and coming digital coins, and you can use sites like to do just that to avoid missing promising coins, like Ripple.

This coin may not be as known, but it is making some waves by being able to secure partners like American Express and Banco Santander. Both banks are testing Ripple’s abilities to make the instant international transaction possible and more effective. It should also be pointed out that Moneygram is also partnering with Ripple to make it even cheaper to transfer money from one place in the world to another.

Facebook Libra cryptocurrency logo

Libra Comes with A Smiling Face

Another relatively small coin that may be making it big is Libra, and this is thanks to Facebook, which is betting pretty big on Libra. It seems like the social media giant wants to create a whole new financial system with the help of Libra that would rival financial institutions and take what PayPal started to the next level.

Now, part of the deal is that Facebook is not going to share information with the company, so transactions made with Libra won’t be sold later. The company also made sure to stress that Libra will continue to be an independent blockchain, which Facebook knows is a big deal for people who are interested in digital coins. This partnership is relatively new, and no one knows what is going to happen, but it is safe to say that it represents one of the most exciting changes within this industry in a while.

Cryptocurrency Befriending Nations

Okay, so a social media platform is taking steps towards cryptocurrency by partnering with a coin that already existed, but things in this world are moving in all sorts of directions. There are also a number of countries who are foregoing the idea of partnering with a major digital coin and creating their own coin.

One of the most interesting coins to be introduced is the Petro, which is a digital coin issued by a country: Venezuela. The coin is coming out as a way to challenge some of the economic issues that the country is facing but also to diversify their currency so that they aren’t so dependent on other countries. China is another country that is working on their own coin in order to take their country into the future.

It is clear that these changes are going to shape the future. These partnerships are just the beginning, so no matter how many people are afraid of the change, it is coming whether you want it or not.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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