The new Xiaomi Watch could easily pass for an Apple Watch

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The new Xiaomi Watch has been leaked on Weibo via an official render on the official Mijia account. Xiaomi is well known for imitating the design language of Apple and the Xiaomi Watch embraces that tradition to the fullest. While the new watch is not a perfectly matched clone, it certainly could easily pass for an Apple Watch.

But let’s not pile on Xiaomi just yet over this. Apple is also well known for copying others and borrowing technologies and ideas they never invented. The new Xiaomi Watch walks the line here by looking enough like Apple’s offering to fool some but not outright copying it to the letter.

Xiaomi’s new wearable will be available in two colors, Elegant Black and Plated Silver. Now, some may say this is also copying Apple’s Space Grey and Silver watches but to be fair, there are other manufacturers using similar colors across the mobile space.

Xiaomi Watch Apple Watch
Striking resemblance to the Apple Watch.

The placement of the crown and power button also mirror those of the Apple Watch and the speaker and microphone are on the same side as well. There’s very little information on the Xiaomi Watch so we don’t know what sort of materials it is made up of.

In the leaked renders you can see at least one of the watch faces bears a resemblance to one of Apple’s. As for what we know about what’s under the hood of the Xiaomi Watch, you’ll find a Snapdragon 3100 and it has an eSIM, GPS, Wi-Fi, and NFC.

No word on pricing or availability so we’re not sure this will even hit American shores, though you can probably import it very easily. While the watch certainly looks a lot like Apple’s, Xiaomi has done very well for itself outside the U.S. in emulating the higher-priced competition.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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