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Fender has been going all out these past few months with the Vintera series and the American Performer Series. Now, the company has just announced yet another new line of guitars, the American Ultra Series. Fender says that the American Ultra Series is the most-advanced modern guitar made by the company.

This new series is an evolution of the American Elite Series that launched back in 2016. The Ultra Series boasts all-new modern features, state-of-the-art craftsmanship, and nuanced design. These new Fender guitars feature Ultra Noiseless pickups and the company’s fast-playing necks. The body design has changed slightly for this series offering more contours for more comfort.

Fender American Ultra Series
The new American Ultra Series from Fender.

“The American Ultra Series is our most advanced series of guitars and basses for discerning players who demand the ultimate playing experience in precision, performance, and tone,” said Justin Norvell, EVP of Product at Fender. “Blending state-of-the-art engineering and nuanced design to provide a high-performance experience for today’s player, American Ultra is the next chapter in Fender’s legacy of cutting-edge innovation. American Ultra has truly been decades in the making and is a result of our tireless commitment to meet the needs of today’s working and touring guitar players looking for a modern feel and tone.”

Inspired by Fender’s never-ending pursuit to equip players with the best tools to create, record and perform music, American Ultra is Fender’s most advanced series of instruments – providing the ultimate in precision, performance, and tone. The series answers the call from discerning players looking for modern advancements to help them create at the highest level. One of these elevated features is the all-new “Modern D” neck with a compound-radius fingerboard, smooth American Ultra satin back finish and extremely rolled edges. The result is a neck that’s slim and fast – yet ergonomic and comfortable – for blazing solos and easy comping without sacrificing tone and resonance.


Here’s a rundown of some of the key features of the Fender American Ultra Series:

  • New body contours: For next-level comfort and playability, Fender redesigned the body contours of its most iconic models for the first time in decades. New back body curves offer hours of gigging comfort while a super-sculpted neck heel gives players unparalleled access to the upper register of the fingerboard, resulting in better accessibility and comfort.
  • Noiseless pickups: American Ultra instruments feature two types of innovative new noiseless pickups: Ultra Noiseless™ Vintage pickups deliver authentic Fender single-coil sound – without hum. Ultra Noiseless™ Hot pickups offer modern performance and classic tone so you can launch your amp into overdrive.
  • HiMass™ bridge: With lots of metal, lots of mass and a cool modern look, the HiMass bridge on American Ultra basses deliver serious sustain, precise intonation and rock-solid tuning stability.               
  • Double Tap Humbucker: The American Ultra HSS Strat features a brand-new Double Tap Humbucker with an overwound coil to ensure matched volume between pickups in coil-split mode.
  • Redesigned preamp with active/passive switching: A redesigned preamp on American Ultra basses features three bands of active boost/cut for sweeter highs, focused mids and lots more usable bass. For a more traditional tone, the redesigned pickups can also be used in passive mode.
  • New colors: American Ultra instruments are available in a variety of colors, including Cobra Blue, Mocha Burst, Texas Tea, Arctic Pearl, Aged Natural, Plasma Red Burst, and Ultraburst.
  • Advanced electronics: All American Ultra guitars feature a treble-bleed circuit to preserve high-end response at any volume – plus advanced wiring options that activate different high-performance features depending on the model.
Fender American Ultra Series
Cory Wong on the Fender American Ultra Series Stratocaster.

The new Fender American Ultra Series includes the following models and prices:

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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