Techaeris goes dark mode!


Dark mode all of the things! That’s my motto anyway. Dark mode has gotten to be ever more popular and for good reason. Using the feature on iOS and Android can save you some battery life not to mention your eyes. But Techaeris is not a system-level application that can make use of iOS or Android dark mode, so we had to flip the switch for you.

That’s right! Techaeris has gone into dark mode! We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you an even better user experience. We’ve been improving site stability and speed trying to boost our page speed load times and give you a smooth experience. It’s been a long few months as we have been working at it pretty hard.

Here’s what our front page used to look like:

Techaeris dark mode
The blinding white front page.

And here’s what we have now:

Techaeris Dark Mode
Easier on the eyes.

While it’s not a massive aesthetic change we hope that it will give you a better overall user experience. We’ve also made improvements on our backend so we’re hoping you’re noticing the improved page speed load times on both mobile and desktop.

Since Google has updated their algorithm, we’ve bee hit fairly hard in the rankings. We hope this move to a more optimized and faster setup not only benefits you but benefits us as well.

Thanks for all of the support our fans continue to give us. We are still an independent tech site and not supported by big corporations. We also do not buy and sell traffic as many other large tech sites do. So we appreciate our fans, the real fans.

We hope you enjoy dark mode on Techaeris. Please consider sharing our site and articles wherever you can. Every share helps to bring a new set of eyes to what we’re doing.

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Thanks – Alex and the Techaeris Team

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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