1MORE TWS ANC review: THX-certified earbuds with excellent audio

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True wireless earbuds are all the rage and there are plenty of contenders on the market. THX has also been upping their certification game, bringing THX-tuned audio to more headsets.

Our 1MORE TWC ANC In-Ear Headphones review takes a look at the world’s first TWS earbuds with THX-certified audio. Read on to see how they compare!


The 1MORE True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones have the following features and specifications:

Bluetooth VersionBluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth ProtocolHFP/A2DP/AVRCP
Input5V 1A
Impedance32 Ω
Bluetooth Range10m
Battery CapacitySingle Earbud: 55mAh
Charging Case: 410 mAh
Battery Life• TrueWireless Stereo Plus Mode (ANC off): 6 hours (AAC/50% Volume)
• TrueWireless Stereo Plus Mode (ANC on): 5 hours (AAC/50% Volume)
• TrueWireless Stereo Plus Mode (ANC off): 22 hours with case
• Bluetooth Connection Mode (ANC off): 5 hours (AAC/50% Volume)
• Bluetooth Connection Mode (ANC on): 4 hours (AAC/50% Volume)
• Bluetooth Connection Mode (ANC off): 18 hours with case
Charge TimeEarbuds: 1 hour
Charging Case Charging Time: 2 hours
DimensionsEarbuds: 38 x 18 x 28.5mm
Charging Case: 81.32 x 30 x 38.5mm
WeightSingle Earbud: 7.9g
Charging Case: 63.2g

What’s in the box

  • 1MORE True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones
  • Charging Case
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Type-C Charging Cable
  • 3x Silicone Ear Tips
  • 3x Foam Ear Tips
  • 3x Pair Silicone Ear Grips
  • User Guide
1MORE TWS ANC In Ear Headphones review 01
What’s included with 1MORE True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones.


As far as design is concerned, the 1MORE TWS ANC In-Ear Headphones feature the bulbous design as opposed to the Apple stick design. Oval in shape, the outside of the earbud has a carbon fiber look finish with a red hole for noise cancelling and the 1MORE logo printed in silver. The outer shell also has an LED battery indicator at the end of the logo. The outer shell also doubles as a touch control surface for ANC control.

On the front edge of the oval is another red hole that houses the microphone for voice input. A physical button for playback control is set into the back edge of the oval. Charging pins are also located near the back while an infrared sensor is located on the inner side by the L or R indicator.

The 1MORE True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones
The 1MORE True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones.

The earbuds angle in and down towards the actual speaker portion. Around the bottom portion of the earbud is a silicone ear grip (one of three included sizes). Attached to the speaker portion is a silicone ear tip. There are three sizes of silicone ear tips and 3 sizes of foam ear tips included with these earbuds.

The case is one of the nicest cases I’ve seen to date. While it doesn’t look out of the ordinary, being oval and tall in shape, it is constructed out of metal which gives it a premium feel. There is an LED light on the front to indicate the charging status of the case and a USB Type-C charging port on the back.

Open up the case and you’ll find the standard hollowed-out holes with charging pins for the earbuds. Nestled between the earbud receptacles is a small pairing button.

Ease of Use

The 1MORE True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones are pretty easy to use. To power on, simply remove them from the case. If they are out of the case, pressing the physical button on each earbud will turn it on. Yes, you’ll have to press them both to turn them both on as you can use the earbuds one at a time if you wish. Once turned on for the first time, they will automatically enter the pairing process. Simply look for 1MORE ANC TWS on your device, select it, and you should be easily paired.

You can use the button on the back of each earbud to perform the following:

  • Play/Pause/Answer call/End call: double click the left or right button
  • Next track: press and hold the right button for 2 seconds
  • Previous track: press and hold the left button for 2 seconds
  • Increase volume: press the right button
  • Decrease volume: press the left button
  • Decline call: press and hold either button for 2 seconds
  • Activate voice control of smartphone: Click 3 times when Bluetooth is on and no music is playing

Playback will also auto-pause when you remove either earbud from your ear. Upon re-insertion, you’ll have to double click the button on either earbud to resume playback.

As the earbuds can be used independently, you will lose some button features if only using one earbud.

Sound Quality

There’s been a couple of companies that have provided a “listening list” of hand-picked tracks to showcase their headphones or earbuds. I’ve merged these as well as added a few tracks to get a wide range of tracks, styles, and variations in vocals and levels. In case you’re curious, the tracklist I test headphones on is below:

I have to say, the 1MORE True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones sound pretty great. It didn’t matter what track I listened to, the audio was nice, full, and balanced. The bass was there but not overwhelming. It was definitely easy to sit back, close my eyes, and get lost in the tunes. Whether it was the relaxing melodies of classical music, classic rock by Metallica, the bass-heavy “Unfinished Symphony” from Massive Attack, each track was nicely balanced and enjoyable.

This is amplified by the THX Certification process, as 1MORE explains on their website:

The THX Certification process gives special attention to frequency response and its consistency, low distortion, and exceptional noise isolation, listeners will enjoy balanced, quality audio and hear entertainment soundtracks and music the way the artist intended.

There are also two levels of active noise cancellation on the earphones, as well as a pass-through option. By default, this is set to ANC Level 1 which is suitable for aviation, metro environments, and more. ANC Level 2 takes things up a notch and is good for malls, cafés, walking down the street, and louder environments. Pass-through allows you to hear environmental sounds around you, and finally, you can disable ANC altogether. While listening at home or work, I found that ANC Level 1 was more than enough to drown out the outside world.

One minor complaint I had is that I found the volume to be a bit low as I had to have the earbuds at 75-100% in order to fully enjoy them. It’s not the end of the world, but it will affect your battery life.

Microphone/Call Quality

During our testing time, I did take a couple of calls while using the 1MORE Ture Wireless ANC. I did find that hearing the other party was a bit low on the volume side but in both cases, neither complained about not being able to hear me clearly or asked me to repeat myself.

Battery Life

1MORE claims up to 6 hours of battery life on a single charge and up to 22 hours with the included carrying/charging case. During our testing, we connected via Bluetooth and had ANC Level 1 active with the volume at around 85% most of the time. As a result, I was able to get just over 3 hours of battery life consistently, and just over 11 hours before needing to recharge the case. To conserve battery, the earbuds will turn off if not used or worn for 3 minutes.

The 1MORE True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones in the included carrying/charging case
The 1MORE True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones in the included carrying/charging case.

Once depleted, the earbuds take about an hour to recharge from the case and the case takes about 2 hours to fully recharge. The cool thing about the case though is that it supports wireless charging. With that functionality, if you have a wireless charger sitting on your desk, you’ll never run out of juice in the charging case.


At US$199.99, the 1MORE TWS ANC In-Ear Headphones aren’t the cheapest. They are currently on sale for $179.99 which helps a bit. Given the THX Certified sound quality, however, they are worth the cost even with the mediocre battery life.


The first TWS earbuds to be THX Certified, the 1MORE True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones offer up fantastic sound and great active noise cancelling. As mentioned, battery life is a bit to be desired but with the included charging case that supports wireless charging, these earbuds should easily last you through the day.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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