Achieving long-term sales growth and profitability through digital products development


If you’re looking forward to watching your company continue to grow to reach new customers and pull in investors, be willing to put in the time and effort it takes. Successful innovations can enhance business expansion, but they are often overlooked consideration. New digital products contribute to competitiveness and increase the company’s potential to act as a creator, catalyst, and medium for technical change.

Without new product development, your firm will stagnate and, sooner or later, decline. If you’re missing out on spectacular growth, it’s because you’re not bringing innovation into the market. Growth can be attained by a product development strategy based on developing breakthrough innovations.

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Building or improving existing digital products: Which is better?

Once you’ve decided to introduce a new product to the market, start thinking about the go-to strategy. You can build a digital product or improve on an existing one. Making advanced technological changes to an existing product is less resource-intensive because you’ve already got a customer base, a strong brand position, and the market is familiar with your offering. In reverse, introducing a new product to the market may promote business growth by attracting attention and generating profit. The question now is: What should you do? There is no right answer.

Take into account your individual situation. If you have an app with significant weaknesses (it opens slowly or takes up a lot of space) and affects those who use it, fix the system’s bugs. Ensure the digital product holds up to its performance, which boils down to several factors, including the server, mobile device, network, and programming of the app. Newmarket entry is complicated and expensive. Customers are brand agnostic, meaning they don’t care if a product is offered through a brand. Besides the fact that product adoption doesn’t happen immediately, you must make a hefty investment.

Rely on a constant stream of new ideas

If you want to sell new digital products to existing customers, you have an advantage because they know your brand well, not to mention what you stand for. There’s an opportunity to strengthen existing sales relationships. Change is required to succeed. So, build better digital products for your customers. The most important driver of success is a superior value proposition to the customer. Digital products that meet the target market requirements have a higher success rate and help accomplish selling goals. Come up with something that takes users by surprise by going above and beyond the ordinary to support their needs.

For true innovation, don’t rely solely on your ideas. Listen to the market rather than wasting time asking countless questions and validating big ideas. Listen and take notice by immersing yourself in the consumer culture, building trustworthy relationships, and ensuring transparency. It’s necessary to sit next to customers and find out what they really think about the products and services that make your brand what it is. This way, you can collect great ideas and, most importantly, act on them. Accept contribution from external parties. Co-creation has helped many organizations reach growth milestones. The joint creation of value by the company and the customer allows for mutually beneficial outcomes.

Establish who will head the effort

One of the biggest perks of doing things on your own is that you’re in charge of the development process. You entrust your team members with duties such as sketching and wireframing, design, prototyping, and agile implementation while you champion the new product. On the other hand, if you have a large firm, it makes sense to assign responsibility to an outside party. The IT experts will help you bring to life an innovative, customer-oriented product that doesn’t have difficulty adapting to new markets. Even if you have the necessary resources in your organization, you should better round a small team to improve the existing digital product.

When designing a digital product, you aim for perfection. Unfortunately, things don’t go according to plan, so you end up wasting time and resources on an app that you don’t have a guarantee people will want to use. To get out of this seemingly impossible situation, you must take action. Pinpoint immediate options and determine what might help you get back on track. Concentrate your attention on generating feedback so that you can make small tweaks and continuous changes to the product. A groundbreaking product anticipates customer needs and requires input from lead users. Integrate technology and design to create new meaning. Don’t risk developing a product that will become irrelevant or obsolete. 

Capture every moment of the product development process

Document every step in the journey to success. This information will turn out to be useful during and following the product development process. Not every step will be earth-shattering but document it anyway because you’ll be able to review your progress and figure out if you’re on the right path. Have a thorough description of the problem, the proposed solution, the timeline, and the key indicators of success. Reviewing these details will allow you to ensure the smooth running of the product development process and enhance future efforts.           

Assuming that you’ve got a winning digital product, convert your idea into reality. The length of time and the number of resources required to depend a lot on the nature of your company’s product and size. Develop a working prototype that users can test and make several trials before launching the product onto the market. Equally important is to think about the marketing plan. Marketing and design should go in parallel. Your marketing plan needs to include any media and point of purchase. You have some idea of what’s worked for you in the past. All in all, continue to generate new ideas and bring new digital products to the market. With proper planning and preparation, you won’t be missing out on anything important. Great companies are built on great products. If you’re in a position to make a better impact on people’s lives, do it.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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