EZVIZ T30 review: Easy to use smart plugs with Alexa and Assistant integration

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While new homes and devices are getting smarter, smaller devices are still needed to make “dumb” appliances and devices smart. There are a number on the market to choose from, each with different features and prices.

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Our EZVIZ T30 review looks at a pair of smart plugs which allow you to customize schedules, set timers, are voice assistant compatible, and one even tracks your electricity usage. Read on to see how they perform!


The EZVIZ T30 smart plugs we reviewed have the following features and specifications:

StandardIEEE802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz
Wi-Fi PairingAP Pairing
MaterialHigh temperature flame retardant material
Working Temperature0℃ to 40℃ (32°F to 104°F)
Working Humidity80% or less
Power SupplyAC 125V
Power ConsumptionLess than 1 kWh per month
Dimensions51 x 51 x 52 mm (2.01 x 2.01 x 2.05 inch)74 x 38 x 53 mm (2.91 x 1.50 x 2.09 inch)
Net Weight55.9 g (1.97 oz)

What’s in the box

  • EZVIZ T30-10A-US or T30-10B-US smart plug
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Regulator Information
What's included with the EZVIZ T30-10A-US (left) and T30-10B-US smart plugs
What’s included with the EZVIZ T30-10A-US (left) and T30-10B-US smart plugs.


The EZVIZ T30-10A-US and T30-10B-US smart plugs have a pretty simple design. The T30-10A-US is round, barely over two inches in diameter and two inches in depth. The back has AC prongs to plug into an outlet, while the face has receptors to plug an AC cable into it. The EZVIZ logo is printed in grey just above the receptors on the front. A physical power button sits on the lower left side of the plug. A small sticker with a QR code and the serial number sits on the side as well.

The T30-10B-US is a bit larger because it can do more. Rectangular in shape, it is just under three inches wide, about an inch-and-a-half in height, and just over two inches in depth. On the back right (when looking at the front) are the AC prongs. On the front, the receptors are on the left side with a power button and the EZVIZ logo on the right side. A sticker with the QR code and serial number is located on the top of the plug.

The EZVIZ T30-10B-US smart plug
The EZVIZ T30-10B-US smart plug.


To use the EZVIZ T30 smart plugs, plug them into an existing wall outlet, download the EZVIZ app, and click the add button on the upper right corner. Next, select smart plugs, scan the QR code, select the device, select your Wi-Fi network, let the device configure, and you should be good to go. I did have to run the setup twice on the T30-10B-US, but it went fine the second time.

Ease of Use

Once enabled, you can use the EZVIZ application to toggle the power to either T30 smart plug, set a timer countdown, and even set schedules. With the T30-10B-US, you can go one step further and track your current, hourly, daily, and monthly power usage. During testing, I attached the T30-10B to my Xbox Series X just to see how much power it uses, considering I have it set to Instant-On mode for ease of updating, remote login, and remote play.


The EZVIZ app for Android has undergone a refresh since I last reviewed an EZVIZ product (the C3X outdoor Wi-Fi camera). The main interface is nicer looking and it is pretty customizable. Once configured, the smart plugs show up on your home tab or under the plugs tab. You can toggle the on/off status of each plug right from the main screen. You can also dive deeper into each plug and adjust the countdown timer, schedule timer, and (in the case of the T30-10B) view your electricity usage.

Screenshots of the EZVIZ Android app
Screenshots of the EZVIZ Android app.


Both the EZVIZ T30-10A-US and T30-10B-US functioned as intended. I was able to power each one on or off using the app. I could also easily turn off the T30-10B-US with the power button on the front. Both could also be toggled easily using Google Assistant. The smart plugs are also compatible with Amazon Alexa. While I don’t need to, I did test the scheduling and the countdown timers. Both could be very useful if you want to set lights to go on or off at a certain time or prevent kids from using a TV or console during certain hours.

As for the T30-10B-US and its electricity usage tracking, I found the results to be pretty accurate. As mentioned, I plugged my Xbox Series X into it. According to Microsoft, the console should use 13W when in Instant-On mode, 41W while in the main interface, 44W while streaming 4K video, and 153W while playing a game. It was fun to watch the various stages of use, depending on what the console was doing. I found while not in use and turned off in Instant-on mode, my power fluctuated between 6W and 25W. The lower end was obviously when the console was idle while it kicked up to 25W when I pushed a remote game install or the console was updating behind the scenes. The usage definitely kicked up when playing a game, but I never saw it go above 145W.

Once you get some weekly or monthly usage saved up in the app, you can easily calculate how much a certain device uses by viewing your power bill’s current rate per kWh. It’s definitely a handy feature if you’re trying to reduce your electricity consumption and figure out what device uses how much power.

Screenshots from the EZVIZ app showing power consumption usage tracking on the T30-10B-US smart plug
Screenshots from the EZVIZ app showing power consumption usage tracking on the T30-10B-US smart plug.


Reception is a bit hit and miss with the T30 smart plugs. Part of this is due to my router being on the second floor of my house and one of the plugs being in the basement. While most of my devices everywhere in the house, including the T30-10A-US on the main floor, had no issues connecting. However, the T30-10B-US was set up in my basement for testing. While it worked just fine, I sometimes had to refresh its main page a few times before successfully connecting to it to modify the settings or see the usage stats. It wasn’t a big deal but other devices in my basement work just fine using my current Wi-Fi router.


The EZVIZ T30-10A-US smart plug is available for US$14.99 from Walmart, while the T30-10B-US retails for $19.99.Both of these are reasonably priced considering the performance and ease of use.

The EZVIZ T30-10A-US smart plug
The EZVIZ T30-10A-US smart plug.


The EZVIZ T30 smart plugs are great for adding scheduling, timers, or remote power control of lights or other “dumb” appliances and devices. The T30-10B-US is the better of the two as it also does a great job of tracking the power consumption being used by devices connected to it.

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