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Cars appear in video games of all genres, from racing games to adventure and open-world games. Have you ever wondered what the most popular car model is in video games? Wonder no more as we have the list of the 10 most popular cars in video games.

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A study done by from data made available from the Internet Game Cars Database breaks out the top 10 “real life” cars and the most popular colour for cars in video games. Top of the list? The Ford Crown Victoria Mk2. This shouldn’t really be a surprise as this iconic vehicle not only shows up as a police car in games but also as taxi cabs, particularly in games set in NYC. As a result, yellow ends up being the most common colour for this vehicle in games, not the black and white many of us may be accustomed to seeing on this model.

Next up is another Ford, the mustang Mk1. Out of the games currently analyzed at, it shows up a whopping 545 times. The 1965 model year is most popular, with red being the colour of choice. In third place is the Nissan Skyline Mk1, a popular street racing model that’s appeared in everything from video games to the Fast & the Furious movies (driven by Paul Walker’s character).

As far as colour goes, the most popular was indeed yellow, followed by blue and red. Check out the full top ten car model and most common car colour list in the graphic below!

Most Popular Cars Video Games Uswitch

What do you think about this list of the ten most popular cars in video games? Are you surprised by any on the list? What’s your favourite video game car? Let us know on Twitter, MeWe, or any of the social media sites below.


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