Infographic: Why you need humans and tech to defend against ransomware


Humans have come a long way in creating technology capable of protecting and defending businesses against cybersecurity attacks. However, that same tech is still not as effective without the help of a human alongside it. Ransomware is still a significant problem, as the tech to protect becomes more sophisticated, as are the attacks.

Since the start of the pandemic, attacks have risen more than 400%. Those attacks cost businesses over 20 billion dollars in just 2021. In the next five years, 75% of organizations will likely face a similar attack, so what can be done?

Ransomware continues to grow exponentially because of its straightforward and effective nature. Now more than ever before, businesses utilize software and devices to manage just about everything making their vulnerabilities expansive.

When attacked, businesses often opt to pay out millions of dollars to their attackers, making the action very lucrative for scammers to continue doing. Companies often struggle to keep up with the rising attacks and often don’t have the budget to hire a cybersecurity engineer that would allow them to be better equipped to safeguard themselves. 

While these attacks are growing more sophisticated each year, the tech created to help businesses can no longer cut it on its own. Humans and their expertise are essential to working alongside tech to protect a business entirely.

When a human comes alongside the tech, they can better spot malicious code and warning signs. In addition to this, they can also be clued into context, motivation, and relevance, allowing them to weed out false positives.

If you want to keep your business safe from the ever-growing ransomware attacks, ensure you are armed with the right people and tools. Creating a budget that allows for the expense and making a plan to protect yourself better could save you millions in the long run. With all of these tools, the risk of falling prey will be significantly reduced.

Infographic: Why you need humans and tech to defend against ransomware

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