ESR HaloLock review: A fantastic MagSafe compatible wireless car dock


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My wife isn’t much for technology, but there are at least two things she depends on having with her, her iPhone 12 Pro Max and her wireless car charging dock. The dock she had been using was okay, but it was not MagSafe compatible. So I started looking around and landed on the ESR HaloLock wireless charging car dock.

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The ESR HaloLock seemed to have everything we needed, and the price was agreeable enough that I ended up purchasing two of them on Amazon. It’s always a gamble buying a brand you’ve never used before, but this gamble ended paying off. Read on for the full review of the ESR HaloLock wireless charging car dock.


The ESR HaloLock has the following features and specifications:

  • Mounts securely to your dashboard or windshield with a powerful and reusable suction cup.
  • Supports 7.5W fast wireless charging compatible with iPhone 13/12. Requires a car charger or USB-A port that supports 18W QC fast charging.
  • Compatibility:
    • iPhone 13/12
    • iPhone 12 Pro (not comaptible with iPhone 13 Pro)
    • iPhone 13/12 mini
    • iPhone 13/12 Pro Max
    • ESR HaloLock cases
    • Official MagSafe cases

What’s In The Box

  • ESR HaloLock Dashboard Wireless Charger
  • Dashboard mount
  • Cleaning kit
  • QC USB-A to USB-C cable
  • Manual
ESR HaloLock 1


The ESR HaloLock Dashboard Wireless Charger design is basic and mirrors other similar car docks. There is a sticky suction cup foot that you can mount to your dashboard or window. Another version uses a clip for your vents if you’re interested in that mounting solution.

The vents on our Honda Odyssey and Ford F-150 aren’t conducive to the vent mount, so the dash mount version worked best for us. There is also an arm that can be adjusted up or down but, more importantly, in and out. This gives you more reach in case your dash or windshield happens to be set back further than arm’s length.

The actual MagSafe charger is a rounded square and has strong magnets that hold the phone very well. It can also twist and turn to get a good angle for viewing. There are LED lights on the sides to indicate charging.

I will say that this design, and it’s not isolated to the ESR HaloLock, is that the pressure locks can get weak over time. Often, these dash mounts can get wobbly, these locks are stiff and sturdy, but I expect that some of that will be lost over a year or two. It’s a normal thing for this style of car dock; given that parts wear over time, it is perfectly fine.

Overall, that’s it. There’s not a lot to the design. It works well, gives you good reach, has a robust MagSafe magnet, and mounts securely with that sticky foot suction cup.

ESR HaloLock 2
Strong suction and sticky foot.

Ease of Use

Using and setting up the ESR HaloLock is straightforward. All you need to be sure of is where you want to mount it. I suggest you feel out the space you want to mount the ESR HaloLock before peeling off the protective sticker. It’s also essential to clean the mounting area with the included cleaning kit before mounting.

The adhesive on its foot is very sticky, and it grabs hold of whatever surface you place it on. Once you have found your spot, peel the sticker off and ensure the suction cup is open. Place the HaloLock in your desired location, press and hold, then flip the suction cup closed.

As for its performance, that is something I didn’t keep track of. It is supposed to charge the iPhone 12 and 13 series at 7.5 amps. I only use it to keep my phone mounted, in view, and topped up. I never use it for a full-on charger.

Once the ESR HaloLock is mounted, all you have to do is find a USB port to plug into, and you’re ready to go. Overall, this is a straightforward gadget to use and set up.

ESR HaloLock 3
Works perfectly with the iPhone 12 Pro Max and 13 Pro Max both with MagSafe cases.


ESR has this mount listed on its website for US$55.99, but you can get it on Amazon for US$34.99, and there is often a coupon alongside that price. I purchased two of these from Amazon for US$60 with the coupon at the time of purchase, and both of them have been fantastic and are holding up well.

Wrap Up

There are only a few options for MagSafe wireless charging docks out there. While ESR isn’t a brand that most of us are familiar with, so far, I have been impressed with this particular wireless charger. I would recommend this one if other options are too pricey for you.

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