[CES 2022] Samsung announces expansion of Bespoke refrigerator lineup


As of the publishing of this article, CES 2022 is set to move forward despite dozens of companies canceling and many media publications opting out. Samsung is one of the companies that still plans on attending the event in person. The company plans on showcasing its new Bespoke refrigerator lineup and probably more beyond that.

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Samsung’s CES 2022 showcase will highlight its first-ever Bespoke French Door refrigerator, Bespoke kitchen package, Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner, and Bespoke Washer and Dryer. Available in a choice of 3-door, 4-door, and Family Hub™ models, the new Bespoke French Door refrigerator expands Samsung’s Bespoke lineup.

Samsung BeSpoke 2

The new line represents the very best of Samsung, pairing customizable designs with unique technologies that together inspire entirely new ways of living. With the Bespoke refrigerator as a centerpiece, consumers will be able to customize their décor to complement their personal style, with kitchen packages that include dishwashers, ranges, and over-the-range microwaves in white, navy or green. Beyond the kitchen, the Bespoke Jet™ vacuum cleaner brings powerful cleaning performance and elegance to the living room, while the Bespoke Washer and Dryer make laundry routines intelligent and easy.

“The Bespoke concept was not just designed for the kitchen. We believe that consumers should have the freedom to customize their entire home to match their lifestyle needs,” said Kanghyup Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Sales and Marketing of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics. “This expansion of the lineup empowers consumers to create living spaces that truly reflect their tastes and aesthetics—using Samsung’s meaningful innovations and technology.”

With 12 colors and two finishes – glass and steel – to choose from, the Bespoke French Door refrigerator features thousands of color combinations. In glass, new colors include White, Gray, Pink, Charcoal, Morning Blue, Clementine and Sunrise Yellow. In a steel finish, new colors include Tuscan, Matte Black, Navy, Emerald Green and Stainless Steel.

To help families better store and preserve their meals, the Bespoke French Door refrigerator comes packed with Samsung’s latest storage and cooling innovations. The Beverage Center™ and Dual Auto Ice Maker give users quick access to cold drinks, while the FlexZone™ keeps ingredients at the optimal temperature to ensure they stay fresh.

Featuring Samsung’s All-in-One Clean Station™, the Bespoke Jet™ takes the chore out of keeping your home clean and hygienic. Once they are done cleaning, users can simply dock the vacuum cleaner and it will automatically empty the dust bag and begin to charge.

The Bespoke Jet™ also features a modern, premium design that is powerful yet light, and built to offer families a comprehensive cleaning solution. It provides 210W of suction power and uses a multi-layered filtration system to trap 99.999 percent of fine dust, delivering a more powerful yet simpler cleaning experience to the contemporary home.

The Bespoke Jet™ is available in Midnight Blue, Misty White and Woody Green – colors that allow users to place their vacuum cleaner where they like without disrupting their living space’s overall décor.

Designed to introduce Bespoke to the laundry room, the Bespoke Washer and Dryer include cutting-edge smart features that make doing laundry more intuitive and efficient. Both devices feature a flat-front design and are available in multiple color options, including black and navy.

By learning usage patterns and laundry routines, the AI-powered Smart Dial prioritizes frequently used settings, minimizing work and simplifying the washing and drying process. Meanwhile, the intelligent AI OptiWash™ function optimizes wash settings as well as time and detergent levels for each load, taking the guesswork out of laundry. With MultiControl™, users can easily use both the smart washer and dryer from the washer control panel when units are stacked.


Check out Samsung’s website for more information about the Bespoke product lineup.

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