Roadie Coach is a personal music trainer that hits Kickstarter later this month

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Roadie is a brand we’ve reviewed a few times in the past. The company started by making excellent guitar and bass tuners and returns in 2022 with the Roadie Coach. Roadie Coach is expected to start crowdfunding on Kickstarter on January 25th.

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Roadie Coach says it will help you learn to play your favorite songs step by step until you can fully perform the original tracks. The company feels like this new gadget will help seasoned and new musicians grow in their musical abilities.

Roadie Coach

Roadie Coach easily attaches to your instrument of choice. You can use it with electric, acoustic and classical guitars as well as ukuleles. It has soft pads that give it a good grip and protect your instrument from damage. The built-in mics record everything you play so you can get quick feedback on your performance.

For every play session, the Roadie Coach app gives you critical visual feedback as well as tips on how to improve your technique and skills.

Roadie Coach is the world’s first sensor that is able to deliver on-the-go multitrack recording. It is equipped with a sleek piezo sensor and an extremely capable microphone to capture all your performances and practice sessions.

Progress by completing all the levels for each song. As you practice, you’ll gain additional levels on your way to mastery.

As you work to perfect your skills, imagine having access to your full practice history and performance metrics for all your recorded sessions.


The Roadie Coach certainly looks like it could be a helpful tool for musicians. It will be interesting to see how this works and if we get one for review, we will certainly let you know. To sign up for updates, head over to the company’s website here.

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