[Infographic] Is the future of education online?


Education is one of the most important aspects of life for children, teens, and young adults. Many students, though, feel that they are not receiving the education they deserve in the traditional school system. In schools today there are over 6 million “chronically absent” students, 86% of students report cheating at some point, and teenagers are now 5x more likely to suffer from a mental illness. Clearly, changes are necessary, so what can we do to improve the education of our students?

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The pandemic saw most students transition to online learning. While there were many debates about whether or not this was the right choice for students, many families actually reported better grades in their children, and teens reported enjoying online school more than in person. In fact, post-pandemic only 19% of teens report preferring in-person school! Teens and their families preferred online school due to the more flexible schedule, the safer environment free of bullying, and overall more family involvement. 

In online schools, teachers had to change the way they taught in order to allow students to continue learning in this new environment. Many adopted project-based learning in order to develop students’ skills. Project-based active learning allows students to build critical thinking, learn creativity, and improve their overall knowledge. 

Schools that implement new student-led, project-based, hybrid learning curriculums are seeing great improvements in students’ behavior, grades, and overall enjoyment of going to school. Schools that use this curriculum are seeing higher graduation rates, increased student motivation, greater persistence in college, and overall improved teacher-student interaction. When students are excited to learn and are able to lead their own learning, they are going to enjoy school more which will lead to higher grades.

Students are the future of our society. Their education should be the number one priority in our country, but with the traditional in-person school system, students’ education is not up to par. Giving students more freedom to lead their learning and allowing them to do so from the comfort of their homes will lead to higher student engagement and overall better grades. Changes are necessary, and implementing professionally designed, student-first, hybrid curriculums will facilitate the change we need in our students.

[Infographic] Is the future of education online?

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