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We mostly do consumer technology device reviews around here, but now and then, we’ll get a request for something different. The Hisense HRF254N6TSE French Door Refrigerator isn’t all that techie, but it is something a lot of us techie types need. Who doesn’t use or need a fridge?

I’m not going to lie; it would have been cool to get a French Door Refrigerator with a display and smart features. But while the Hisense HRF254N6TSE French Door Refrigerator isn’t high-tech, it does do everything you need a fridge to do for you. And it does it while looking sleek, modern, and providing a ton of space. Read on for our full review.


The Hisense HRF254N6TSE French Door Refrigerator has the following features and specifications:

Product dimensions w/ Handle (WxDxH) inches35.98in X 33.07in X 70in
Net weight249lbs
Shipping dimensions38.1in X 35.7in X 74.6in
Temperature range of freezer-12°F to 6°F
Temperature range of fridge34°F to 47°F
Control systemElectronic
No. of doors3
Shelves4 Half-Width (1 Half Sliding)
Door DesignFlat
Super FreezeYes
Door Bins6 Adjustable
LightingLED on the top
Drawers2 Crispers & 1 Full-Width Pantry
Inverter CompressorYes
Ice MakerYes
Total Capacity (Cu.Ft.)25.4
Capacity (freezer/refrigerator)17.61/7.76
Energy efficiency classE/Star
Noise level in dBA43

What’s In The Box

  • Hisense HRF254N6TSE
  • Shelves
  • Drawers and dividers
  • Water hose and coupling
  • Manuals and Documentation

Video Overview


Hisense HRF254N6TSE French Door Refrigerator review
Clean and simple design

Before the Hisense HRF254N6TSE French Door Refrigerator showed up at our doorstep, we owned a Samsung French Door Refrigerator. We liked our old fridge, but it did have several problems that frustrated us. The biggest was the ice maker would continually ice over and stop working. It eventually just stopped working altogether. Our other issue with our old Samsung was how bulky it was, and it didn’t always fit everything we needed it to.

So far, the Hisense HRF254N6TSE French Door Refrigerator has fit our needs very well. We’d like to see a few design issues changed, but they are nothing that makes us regret having this fridge. The exterior stainless steel front is beautiful, although, like all stainless, it picks up fingerprints. The sides are a steel grey color, instead of black. I like this, our old fridge was stainless steel with black sides, and I like this aesthetic better.

The French doors and the freezer door have recessed handles, which took a long time to get used to because our old Samsung had traditional handles. I prefer these recessed handles because they slim the fridge down and give you more kitchen space. The old fridge’s handles stuck out around 4-inches and made it look bulky.

The front of the Hisense HRF254N6TSE French Door Refrigerator also has an ice and water dispenser. This dispenser is miles better than our old fridge. Hisense made it big enough to fit larger tumblers in it, our old Samsung had a smaller opening, and you could not accommodate large glasses or tumblers. Also, the ice maker has not frozen over and has been working perfectly fine since Lowe’s installed it.

Open the Hisense HRF254N6TSE French Door Refrigerator up, and you’re greeted with a typical white fridge interior. There is a deli drawer at the bottom. I like this drawer, but I wish it had its own door, like our old Samsung fridge. It’s also a little unbalanced. You need to pull pretty much in the center of the drawer, or else it will hang up if you’re pulling slightly off-center. That’s not a deal-breaker, but I think Hisense could redesign their next version to have a more balanced deli drawer.

Hisense HRF254N6TSE French Door Refrigerator review
Large ice/water dispenser opening is great.

Above the deli drawer are two crisper drawers for fruits and veggies. These both open and close smoothly and have humidity control. Then you have your shelf system, which is adjustable to fit a variety of different size products. One shelf can be made into a half drawer giving you more versatility.

The ice maker is on the top left and can be easily accessed by pulling the handle. Inside you’ll find a reset button for the ice maker and the auger. The right door has three shelves that can hold many different sizes of products, including milk and condiments. The left door also has three shelves, but these are smaller and best suited for smaller items like yogurts and water bottles. There is ample storage inside the Hisense HRF254N6TSE French Door Refrigerator, especially if you’re good at organizing.

The bottom freezer pulls out smoothly and has two drawers with dividers. You can adjust the divisions into four compartments, and we’ve found there is plenty of space for all kinds of frozen products here.

Overall, the aesthetic design of the Hisense HRF254N6TSE French Door Refrigerator is modern and sleek. I love the recessed handles as this saves space and gives it a better look. The stainless steel is hard to keep clean, but that’s normal. There are many space and storage options inside the fridge, and the build quality is excellent overall.


Hisense HRF254N6TSE French Door Refrigerator review
Easy to configure and setup.

Setup is nearly non-existent if you order this from Lowe’s and have them deliver it. Lowe’s will bring your new fridge inside and hook up your ice and water dispenser. There may be an extra cost for delivery and setup, but it is worth it.

The only setup we had to do was to get the shelves and drawers how we wanted them. Otherwise, there is minimal setup if you have Lowe’s do it all. Expect to haul this home and lug it into your kitchen if you don’t. You may need to remove the doors to get through your front door. Lowe’s had to remove the fridge doors and our front door to get it into the house.

Overall, having Lowe’s deliver and setup is worth any extra costs. Lowe’s sent two excellent delivery people who were professional, fast, and courteous.


As for the Hisense HRF254N6TSE French Door Refrigerator performance, we’ve had this for a few weeks now, and it seems to be working perfectly fine. I noticed that the temperature of the freezer and the fridge are about two to three degrees higher than our old Samsung. I like this; our old fridge sometimes would be so cold that food would get frost. Of course, you can adjust the temp, but the default temps are better managed on the Hisense than our old unit.

The humidity-controlled drawers also seem to function very nicely. Our old fridge often had issues with humidity causing veggies and fruits to go bad. We have not had any problems with the Hisense, so far. Overall, the performance is as expected and we’re liking it a lot.


The Hisense HRF254N6TSE French Door Refrigerator is priced at US$2,099 and can be purchased at Lowe’s or ordered online and delivered. At the time of this review, Lowe’s is having a sale that knocks US$500 off the price bringing the total down to US$1,599.

The Hisense HRF254N6TSE is priced competitively and gives you many features, space, and value. The current sale price of US$1,599 is excellent, and if you’re thinking of purchasing this, you should pull the trigger now. The Lowe’s sale ends April 20th.

Wrap Up

We love the design of the Hisense HRF254N6TSE French Door Refrigerator. It’s modern and sleek, and the recessed handles make it, so it’s not so bulky in the kitchen. There is a ton of space and plenty of configuration options, and we love the large ice and water dispenser opening. It’s large enough to fit many large tumblers and water bottles. Something that other fridges can’t do.

Our only two real gripes are the deli drawer could use some balancing, and the stainless steel gets fingerprinted. But that’s stainless steel for you.

Hisense HRF254N6TSE Refrigerator










Nailed it

  • Clean modern design
  • Great build quality
  • Love the recessed handles
  • Nice large ice/water dispenser
  • Tons of space
  • Plenty of configuration options
  • Great delivery service and setup from Lowe's

Needs work

  • Deli drawer has to be pulled from center or it will hang up
  • Stainless gets fingerprints

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Last Updated on April 6, 2024.


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