Soundcore announces its Motion Boom Plus Bluetooth speaker


Anker has been around for some time now, and the company has spun off the audio brand Soundcore which has been making Bluetooth speakers for a few years now. Soundcore is jumping into a new speaker with the introduction of the Motion Boom Plus Bluetooth speaker today.

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The new Soundcore Motion Boom Plus delivers up to 80 Watts of audio output, all in a portable on-the-go package. The new Motion Boom Plus also delivers up to 20-hours of battery life.

Soundcore Motion Boom Plus

Soundcore announces its Motion Boom Plus Bluetooth speaker
Soundcore announces its Motion Boom Plus Bluetooth speaker 2

“Combining an IP67 rating with its upgraded woofers, newly added tweeters, more power, and portable carry handle, the Motion Boom Plus is the ideal Bluetooth speaker for the park or at an outdoor pool or beach party,” said Frank Zhu, General Manager of Soundcore’s Speaker division. “We’ve also made it two times louder than its predecessor to help keep the party going, all day and all night long.”

The Motion Boom Plus features upgraded titanium drivers and BassUp technology, offering users punchy bass and detailed high end. To produce the full audible frequency range and keep the overall balance of Soundcore’s sound signature, the Motion Boom Plus comes equipped with dual 3.5-inch woofers, powered each by 30 Watts (60W Total). Combined with the passive bass radiators on the ends of the speaker, the Motion Boom Plus can accurately reproduce bass notes from any genre of music. Additionally, it also utilizes dual 1-inch tweeters, powered each by 10 Watts (20W Total) to effortlessly play the delicate high and mid-range frequencies found in vocals, woodwind and stringed instruments or favorite dance music.

With the removable shoulder strap and built-in handle, the Motion Boom Plus brings a new level of portability to music lovers. Additionally, the floatable design and IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating make it perfect for almost any location, including pools and beaches without worrying about getting wet or sandy, while ensuring the speaker delivers the perfect soundtrack wherever it goes.

With its 13,400 mAh internal battery, the Motion Boom Plus provides up to 20 hours of playtime, giving partygoers uninterrupted entertainment from sunrise to sunset. Through the Soundcore PartyCast feature, users can pair up to 100 compatible Soundcore PartyCast speakers together (Flare 2, Rave PartyCast, Soundcore 3, Trance Go, etc.) to amplify the expressive audio experience. The Motion Boom Plus also allows users to personalize the sound via the user-adjustable EQ function found in the Soundcore app.


Pricing and Availability

The Motion Boom Plus is slated to be available for purchase on May 30th for $179.99 in the US, £189.99 in the UK; € 179.99 EUR in Germany and Europe, and $229.99 CAD in Canada. It will be available on the Soundcore website as well as on Amazon.

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Last Updated on September 19, 2022.


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