Surfshark introduces Linux VPN app with a graphical user interface (GUI)


Surfshark is one of the better-known VPN providers and is often seen being promoted by large YouTube accounts. Today, the company announced the availability of its VPN on Linux with an entire graphical user interface, or GUI.

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“Previously, Linux users had to control the app via the terminal. While this was nothing unusual to the dedicated users, it was still less convenient than it could have been. But with the new GUI, Surfshark Linux users will be able to enjoy a fully functional app that allows them to do more than just switch VPN servers with a couple of mouse clicks,” says Justas Pukys, VPN product owner at Surfshark

The new Surfshark Linux VPN GUI comes with the features users would expect in apps on other operating systems:

  • Setting favorite servers;
  • Viewing recently used ones;
  • Accessing MultiHop and static options;
  • Efficient VPN state transitions and seamless error handling;
  • Additional features, such as  CleanWeb, Wireguard, IPv6 & DNS leak protection, static & favorite locations, quick connect, and 17 languages to choose from.

The company is planning to release more features in the upcoming months. Then Linux users will be able to use auto-connect and Kill Switch on their VPN apps.

The app is currently available on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Debian 11, Mint 20, and newer versions. Surfshark will maintain the legacy GUI-less version for some time.

The Linux app with a GUI is the newest addition to the Surfshark VPN, which is part of the Surfshark One bundle that entails all four of the company’s solutions. Apart from the Surfshark VPN premium privacy protection service, it includes Surfshark Antivirus, Surfshark Alert, which can detect different types of leaked data and inform the user where the breached data has appeared, and Surfshark Search, a private search tool that performs web search queries without ads, data logging, and trackers.

The Linux app GUI isn’t the end of Surfshark VPN development. More features available in other operating systems will be coming online, and more distros will be supported.

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