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Every business wants to put its best foot forward and becoming competitive in any industry means keeping up with technological improvements like cloud storage that can give your company an edge. This may mean that to improve your company, you need to find the technology that saves your employees time and work.

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There are a myriad of different programs that can do just that, but finding different ways to integrate them into your company in a way in which your employees can navigate them can also be especially difficult. Whatever the case, adapting to the technological advancements in the modern era and finding ways to integrate new systems into your company will help your company keep its competitive edge and may be the answer to finding solutions that work for your industry. One of the most common answers to an increase in data and information for many different industries is cloud storage and cloud computing. Cloud technology has completely revolutionized the way the internet is used, has transformed businesses, and can help solve a myriad of issues for companies looking to increase accessibility, performance, and adaptability. If you want to find ways to make the most out of cloud technology in your company, this article is for you. 

What is cloud storage? 

Cloud storage, simply put, is a way to store digital data in the “cloud”. This is done through a third-party provider who offers this storage, and sometimes even computing itself, as a service. This means that instead of having hardware or software in your office that is taking up physical space where your data is stored, the information is saved on a server somewhere else in the world, but is accessible through the internet. Instead of your company having to buy the physical hardware and software necessary to store your information, it is all accessible on the internet and through a provider. This means that any information about your company then becomes accessible on the internet, which employees and employers can access from anywhere in the world. Cloud technology is useful for small and large companies alike, but what you purchase for your company will depend on the needs of your particular industry and company. However, because the information is saved in the cloud, it increases your company’s adaptability, as the transferral of data, integration of new software, and expansion of storage are all accessible via the cloud and easier than ever access. Instead of having your IT teams spend months transferring data from hardware and installing new software, it can all be done with the click of a button on your cloud computing software. Not only does this free up space, but it also gives your employees the time and energy to focus on more important aspects of your business. 

Should your company make the switch?

In almost all cases, cloud storage will expand your company’s access to data and information, can contribute to lower net costs, and is an excellent way to adapt to an ever-growing market and industry. One of the best things about cloud storage is that it gives your company the ability to make decisions based on your needs. It lowers the total cost of ownership as you no longer have to purchase hardware that may or may not fit your company’s needs. Expanding your cloud storage capacity is done at the click of a button and does not require hardware purchase and installation, or the time to transfer data. The cloud storage capacity that your company needs is tailored specifically to the needs of your company, which can be estimated through a series of tools. Only you can know the needs of your company, but in most cases, cloud computing and cloud storage can be excellent options for businesses of any size. 

What services are offered?

Choosing what service fits best with the needs of your company all comes down to what you’ll need it for, the capacity, and the kind of software and programs that your company uses. One of the most common services offered by cloud computing providers is infrastructure as a service (IaaS). This service is just storage, but it provides companies with the ability to store information without sacrificing the physical space and cost of hardware storage.

Choosing what cloud storage service fits best with the needs of your company all comes down to what you’ll need it for, the capacity, and the kind of software and programs that your company uses.
Choosing what service fits best with the needs of your company all comes down to what you’ll need it for, the capacity, and the kind of software and programs that your company uses.

The cost of this service varies depending on consumption, so options for small businesses up to huge enterprises are scalable and particular to the needs of that specific company. The scalability of IaaS services is an excellent option for small businesses, and multiple users can access data. IaaS is great for startups and small companies to avoid the costs associated with hardware and software purchases. It is also a great option for companies that need to adapt to higher demands, such as those experiencing rapid growth in their industry. The drawback of IaaS services is that they may lack the tight security needed, as there are sometimes vulnerabilities that may expose data. It can also be difficult for companies using older software to transfer that data from hardware and onto the cloud. When switching over to the cloud, an additional issue that may be experienced by some companies is adequate teaching employees how to use the new cloud system. 

Another service that cloud technology providers sell is the platform as a service (PAAS). This allows companies to use cloud computing technology to act as a framework that can be built upon. This means that developers within the company can create specific applications that are directly useful for that industry or company. Everything is accessible in the PaaS infrastructure, and it is a great option for more complex companies. Developers and professionals working within the company with a PaaS system can build software specifically for that company without the need to concern themselves with storage capacities, oS, updates, and changing infrastructures. This simplifies the process of creating applications, is fully customizable, reduces the coding, and increases automation. 

Lastly, Systems as a Software (SaaS) provides applications managed through third parties to businesses. Instead of the need to download any pieces of software or applications, SaaS services allow accessibility from the internet itself. It is generally managed from one central location and is remotely accessible over the internet. This is a great option for companies looking to start eCommerce websites, short-term projects, and applications that need to be accessible by more than one individual through the internet. 

Deciding if it’s right for your company

The advantages of cloud computing and cloud storage software are innumerable. It has completely changed most industries and allows many professionals to manage their companies more quickly, with more access, and far more convenient. The ability to automate through cloud storage means that you can free up time for your employees to concentrate on more tasks, allows for you to synchronize data, is scalable, can help you backup important information, and is cost-efficient for most companies. Deciding if it is right for you all comes down to looking at your current costs and figures and how much time your teams are spending on things that can be solved through cloud computing options.

In most cases, making the change will be the biggest inconvenience but once everything is in the cloud, you’ll have more accessibility and save more through the scalability and cost-efficient usage of cloud computing technology offered by many different third-party providers. 

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