Eight pieces of tech to elevate your next summer get-together


When you think of summer, you probably think of barbecues, lounging poolside, or the feeling of sand between your toes while taking a walk on the beach. Another common summer activity is spending time with friends, family, and neighbors.

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You want to enjoy these days to their fullest and soak up the sun as much as possible. If you’re having a get-together at home, you may wonder what activities or gadgets could add to your summer fun.

Because new pieces of technology are constantly emerging, there’s a wealth of options for bringing your outdoor party to the next level. Here is some tech you can consider buying to impress your guests and make this summer unforgettable.

1. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Most people would agree that you’ve got to crank up the tunes to have a fun party. Whichever type of music you enjoy listening to, a large, portable Bluetooth speaker can be a gamechanger for your outdoor get-together. Everyone can hear the music — and guests can connect to the speaker using their device if they want to take a turn DJ’ing.

One popular Bluetooth speaker many users rave about is the JBL Xtreme 3. It’s a portable, waterproof, and dustproof speaker that allows you to play music nonstop for up to 15 hours. The JBL Xtreme 3 is easy to carry around and offers superb sound quality.

2. Robotic Pool Cleaner      

You know how time-consuming cleaning every inch of the pool floor is. On top of that, no one wants to swim in a pool filled with bugs, leaves, or branches. Consider buying a robotic pool cleaner to make cleaning it much more manageable.

There are many robotic pool cleaners on the market — some are more expensive, while others are more budget-friendly. Some cleaners can even climb the walls of your pool, so you can set it and forget it.

3. Electric Cooler

When you host a summer party under the sun, you know how important it is to keep your drinks cold. Rather than make multiple trips to the gas station for bags of ice, think about buying a large electric cooler for all-day refreshments. An electric cooler is an excellent option for summer get-togethers because they don’t require ice, so your drinks stay cold, and you don’t have to pour out gallons of water at the end of the night.

Many modern coolers are available in sizes ranging from 20 quarts to 140 quarts — no matter how many drinks you store, you’ll be able to find a cooler to suit your needs. Keep your cooler fully stocked with beverages, and remember to include plenty of water bottles. Make sure everyone at your get-together hydrates, especially on those hot and humid days.

4. Solar Phone Charger

There’s nothing more frustrating than having your phone die in the middle of a party. Searching for a charger and reconnecting to your wireless Bluetooth speaker is a hassle. Consider buying a solar-powered phone charger to keep your phone fully charged while spending time in the sun.

These chargers use the power of the sun to supply electricity to your phone, so you can go for hours without your phone’s battery draining. Brands such as Nekteck, Anker, and BigBlue offer solar phone chargers that will come in handy during your get-together.

5. LED Cornhole Set

Without some outdoor party game, the guests at your summer party may start feeling restless. Purchasing equipment for outdoor fun — such as a Wiffle ball set, frisbee, or football — is a no-brainer. To take your outdoor party up a notch, consider buying an LED cornhole set. You can play throughout the day and continue into the night after the sun sets.

Major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, The Home Depot, and Big Lots offer LED cornhole sets for affordable prices. As long as you clean and store them properly, they should last you for years.

Eight pieces of tech to elevate your next summer get-together

6. Smart Grill

With so many grill brands on the market, it may be challenging to determine which one will work best for your get-together. Compared to a traditional grill, a smart grill allows the grillmaster to monitor the grill from afar, so you won’t miss out on any fun party moments.

The Weber Genesis SX-335 or the Traeger Grills Ironwood 885 are examples of popular smart grills you may want to buy. However, using your new equipment will be tough without essential grilling items, such as a thermometer, stainless steel tongs, an apron, and a BBQ grill mesh mat.

7. Solar String Lights

String lights always add a nice touch to your outdoor area, so why not buy solar string lights for your next get-together? If your party runs late into the night, you’ll want to ensure your space is well-lit for guests.

Walmart, Amazon, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, and Harbor Freight all offer solar string light sets to keep the party going into the early morning. Many suggest you avoid using indoor lights outdoors, as they typically cannot handle nature’s elements.

8. Automatic Lawnmower

One piece of tech worth buying this summer is an automatic lawnmower. Pushing a noisy, gas-powered traditional lawnmower around your yard is time-consuming and physically demanding. Instead of mowing your lawn yourself, buy a robotic lawnmower to keep your property looking well-kept.

Most of the automatic mowers online range in price, so there’s surely one that will fit your budget. Brands like Husqvarna, Greenworks, and Gardena offer robotic mowers with various features to fit your unique needs.

Take Your Summer Parties to the Next Level With the Best Tech

Summer is all about fun, so why not use some of the latest gadgets to make your summer get-together even more fun? No more worrying about cleaning the pool, mowing the lawn, or having your drinks turn warm. Consider buying some of the technology listed above to make your summer one to remember.

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