Finding the right transportation management system for your trucking company


Finding the best transportation management software for your trucking company can mean a lot of research into what is out there and some trial-and-error. While many companies offer TMS, or Transportation Management Software, which purports to have everything you need to run your company effectively, it is vital to include these things on the platform package; sales, supply chain, accounting, and dispatch. If you can effectively manage those aspects of your business, everything else will fall in line. Many quality platforms will also offer easy-to-navigate dashboards with vital information and statistics from your integrated systems.


The right sales software includes everything you need to guide customers through the purchase funnel, including marketing tools, email lists and much more. Many sales solutions involve cloud platforms with easy-to-understand dashboards you can customize with the information you use daily. This information can include metrics such as which clients have been recently contacted, which contracts are due to expire, and your sales numbers for the quarter. Integrating your sales software with your supply chain management tools will help you see what is in stock, what is on back order and which clients are likely to order next. Connecting with these tools through cloud-based platforms can allow you to check on sales and client management metrics even while on the road.

Supply chain

Managing your supply chain means more than just remembering to order supplies on time; it also means knowing where to find alternatives if needed and which business partners are most likely to be affected negatively by weather or political events. These factors allow your supply chain to be adaptive and easier to stay on top of, so transportation consulting firms will tell you that a TMS which includes supply chain management solutions is a must-have. As a logistics company, you are a vital part of many different supply chains, so an integrated TMS you can link to your business partners will help streamline all of them.


Integrated business systems usually allow your point-of-sale software to automatically update accounting software and warehouse inventory solutions when a sale is made. The right accounting software can streamline the process, interconnect with your sales and supply chain software for automatic system updates, and display vital information on your platform dashboard, regardless of who is doing the work. You can even find software solutions that automatically update client accounts and marketing lists when payments have been made on outstanding invoices and when they have been missed. These types of solutions can make it easier to file your taxes each quarter, survive an external audit and even apply for financing to grow your business.

The right software can help with your transportation management
The right software can help with your transportation management.


You should make sure to integrate your dispatch software with your GPS systems to give you a real-time location for each of your trucks and provide a quick and easy way to get in touch with drivers on the road if needed. Some dispatch management platforms will go the extra mile by including route optimization tools and a customer notification system to let your clients know when a delivery is due. A benefit of integrating this type of software solution with your transportation management software platform is having a real-time visual representation of your fleet on a map located on your dashboard. You can even integrate the fleet management aspects of your company, such as maintenance logs, with this type of system to see all the available information for each truck by selecting it on the map.

Having the right transportation management system for your trucking company can streamline many of your processes, including dispatch, sales and accounting. A quality TMS will also provide supply chain management tools and a dashboard where you can quickly and easily find the information you need every time you log in.

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