LucidSound LS100X review: Fantastic battery life and sound at an affordable price point

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There’s almost nothing worse than having your wireless gaming headset die during the middle of a match. It also sucks if you have to buy multiple wireless gaming headsets if you game on different platforms. Fortunately, there are several headsets out there that offer long battery life, as well as multiple wireless connectivity options.

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Our LucidSound LS100X review looks at a wireless gaming headset with a USB dongle for Xbox & PC, and Bluetooth for other devices, as well as up to 130 hours of battery life. Read on for our full review!


The LucidSound LS100X Wireless Gaming Headset we reviewed has the following features and specifications:

  • Extended Play Battery Life: Get up to 130 hours of battery life when connected via Bluetooth or up to 72 hours in Game Mode when connected through the Wireless USB Adapter on a single charge.
  • Game Mode + Bluetooth: Seamless connection to the USB adapter in Game Mode reduces chat lag and provides low latency interference-free wireless. Or connect via Bluetooth to a compatible device for at-home and on-the-go music and gaming.
  • Quick Access Audio Controls: Easily adjust a variety of audio options including headset volume, game/chat balance, mic mute, game audio mute and mic monitoring via on-earcup controls. Focus on the win and not on fumbling around with cumbersome controls.
  • Seamless Wireless Connectivity: In Game Mode, experience low latency interference-free wireless with a strong connection even in crowded Wi-Fi environments. Quick and easy to set up with the included Wireless USB Adapter.
  • Designed for Comfort: Ultra-lightweight frame and cushy memory foam padding allow for hours of comfortable gaming.
  • Enhanced Audio: Hear them coming with custom tuned 50mm drivers and 3 EQ modes to choose from: Signature, Bass Boost and FPS. Add spatial sound to your gaming experience with Windows Sonic.
  • Dual-Mic System: Flexible boom mic with LED mute indicator for precision chat. Detach the boom mic to activate the built-in backup mic.
  • Mic Monitoring: Hear your own voice in the headset so you know how you sound to your team. Mic monitoring can be disabled by holding down the button on the right earcup for 3 seconds.
  • Voice Prompts: Get audio cues making it easy to know battery level, which mode you are in, as well as other commands.
  • Officially Licensed: For use with Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Also works great on Windows 10/11 and Mobile.
Speaker Size50mm
Earcup ShapeOver-ear (circumaural)
Sound SpaceStereo, Plus Spatial Sound Compatibility with Windows Sonic
EQ ModesSignature, Bass Boost, FPS
Frequency Response20 – 20,000 kHz
Impedance32 ohms
Connectivity2.4GHz Wireless with USB Adapter, Bluetooth 5.2
Wireless RangeUp to 100 feet (with wireless USB adapter)
Battery TypeRechargeable via USB-C
Battery Life• Up to 130 hours via Bluetooth
• Up to 72 hours in Game Mode via Wireless USB Adapter
Charge Cable Length24 inches
System CompatibilityXbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10/11, Mobile
Weight9.63oz (272.9g)

What’s in the box

  • LucidSound LS100X wireless gaming headset
  • Detachable microphone
  • Wireless USB-A adapter
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • LucidSound sticker
What's included with the LucidSound LS100X PC/Xbox/mobile gaming headset
What’s included with the LucidSound LS100X PC/Xbox/mobile gaming headset.


As far as wireless gaming headsets go, the LucidSound LS100X has a pretty slim and lightweight design — which is a great thing. While most gaming headsets look the part, being a bit blocky or chunky, the LucidSound LS100X wireless gaming headset has a sleeker, lifestyle look to it.

The headband is relatively thin, measuring a mere 1 1/8 inches across. The LucidSound wordmark is stamped into the top of the headband, while the underside has a nice white leatherette-covered cushion. On either side of the logo, the arms pull apart 1 1/4 inches in seven increments to adjust for fit. The inside of the arms are also white. The outside of the arms has a recessed textured finish down the middle, giving the headphones a bit of a distinct look.

Just above the earcups, the headphones swivel 90° inward and about 15° outwards. Not only does this help with fit, but when wearing them, you can hang them around your neck and have the ear pads lay flat against your body. The earcups are connected to the headband arms by way of an inverted rounded y-shaped piece, giving the headset a sleek look. The earcups themselves are about 3 1/4 inches across and 4 inches in height.

The middle of each earcup has a smooth twistable ring around it, with the same textured motif as found on the headband arms in the middle. Right in the middle of each earcup is the LucidSound logo in the same smooth plastic finish as the outer ring. The middle portion of the earcups doubles as a button for other controls which we’ll cover in the next section. On the bottom of the left earcup, you’ll find an LED indicator light, power button, USB-C charging port, microphone port, and internal microphone. On the bottom of the right earcup, you’ll find the Bluetooth LED indicator and the EQ/Bluetooth button.

The LucidSound LS100X PC/Xbox/mobile gaming headset
The LucidSound LS100X PC/Xbox/mobile gaming headset.

Moving to the inside of the earcups, you’ll find some nicely padded, leatherette-covered earpads. These are very soft and comfortable when worn and fit my larger ears rather nicely.

The detachable boom microphone connects to the headset by way of a 3.5mm jack. Just under 6 1/2 inches in length, it is very flexible and has a one-inch boom mic at the end of it. The inside of the mic has a series of microphone holes, while the tip has a round LED ring which glows red when the microphone is muted.

When used on the Xbox or PC, you will need to use the included USB-A Adapter. It is a bit large — 2 1/4 inches in length and 3/4 of an inch wide — but that also means you hopefully won’t easily lose it. On the top is the LS logo stamped into it, and an LED indicator light. On one of the sides is an Xbox/PC switch which needs to be positioned to whichever platform you’re using it on.

While the entire headset is constructed from black plastic (aside from the underside of the headband), it does feel pretty solid and rigid. In addition, this keeps it really lightweight and I didn’t notice any listening fatigue as can be felt with heavier headsets. Overall, the LucidSound LS100X has a pretty nice, lightweight, and non-descript design. It’s one of those gaming headsets that won’t look out of place when you’re using it on public transportation to listen to music, or even play a mobile game, while on the go.

Ease of Use

To use the LucidSound LS100X wireless gaming headset, simply toggle the switch on the USB Adapter to PC or Xbox, plug the adapter into a free USB-A port, and press the power button on the headset. To use it via Bluetooth, press the power button on the headset, then hold the Bluetooth button on the right earcup for three seconds or so, and find LucidSound LS100X under your Bluetooth settings on your mobile or other Bluetooth devices. Tap (or click) it and your headset should pair with your phone.

With all the controls on the earcups, the LS100X is easy to use once you’ve connected. Turning the left earcup wheel will raise or lower the volume. When in Gaming Mode (connected via the USB adapter), a single tap of the center button will mute all audio. A long hold will toggle between Gaming and Bluetooth modes, while a double tap in either mode will let you know via voice prompt how much battery life you have left. When in Bluetooth Mode, a single tap will either play or pause an audio track or answer or end a phone call.

The left earcup controls on the LucidSound LS100X PC/Xbox/mobile gaming headset
The left earcup controls on the LucidSound LS100X PC/Xbox/mobile gaming headset.

On the right earcup, rotating the wheel in Gaming Mode on the Xbox will adjust the game/chat balance. A double beep will indicate a 50/50 split. On the PC, rotating the wheel adjusts the chat volume. While in Bluetooth Mode, the wheel skips to the next or previous audio track. A single tap on the center button will mute or unmute the detachable boom mic (if attached). When muted the LED on the end of the mic glows red. Finally, a double tap on the center button will toggle mic monitoring, and the current status will be indicated with a voice prompt.

Once you get used to which earcup controls what, it’s super simple to adjust volume, mute audio, balance game/chat audio, or rotate tracks and answer/end calls with the onboard controls.

Sound Quality

As is usually the case, I tested the LucidSound LS100X out with a number of games. My favourites being Forza Horizon 5, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, and Warzone/Warzone 2. I can gladly say that this wireless gaming headset did not disappoint in any of these, or other, games that I played. The Signature Sound setting was great in both Forza and Hellblade, especially with Window Sonic enabled. The mix of game and music audio in Forza was nicely blended, while in Hellblade the surround sound was incredible, really immersing you in the experience. While Signature Sound was fine for Warzone 2 as well, FPS mode was just that much better. Unlike some other headset tuning that muddles most of the audio save for footsteps and bullet sounds, the FPS mode on this headset amplified both those without much sacrifice to other in-game audio.

While the LS100X is a gaming headset since it has Bluetooth mode I thought I’d give it a go with some music as well. I was impressed while listening to various genres, like rock, dance, hip-hop, and even classical. The sound stage was nice and full, and the Signature Sound setting was perfect for most genres. The Bass Boost setting added that extra punch for bassier songs if that’s more your style.

For the price point, I can’t complain at all when it comes to the sound quality of this headset.


With up to 100 feet of wireless range (when using the USB adapter), you don’t have to worry about disconnections while gaming. I didn’t have any issues, in fact, I had to make sure to mute my microphone when running upstairs for a quick bio break between online matches. Having Bluetooth 5.2 on board is nice as well, giving great range when connected to a smartphone or other Bluetooth device. With my phone in the basement, I had no connection issues when listening to music anywhere in the house, including on the second floor on the opposite side of the house.

The PC/Xbox USB adapter included with the LucidSound LS100X PC/Xbox/mobile gaming headset
The PC/Xbox USB adapter included with the LucidSound LS100X PC/Xbox/mobile gaming headset.

Microphone Quality

Mic monitoring! I don’t usually lead with that, but for me, it’s a must-have and the LucidSound LS100X has toggleable mic monitoring. That being said, when using the detachable boom microphone on a PC or Xbox, I could hear myself just fine, and teammates (and opponents) could hear me just fine as well. When I asked, my squadmates mentioned that I sounded just fine with no distortion or needing to speak up.

While the detachable boom mic is the way to go, the LucidSound LS100X also has an internal microphone which auto-activates when the boom mic is detached. Likewise, it deactivates when the boom mic is attached. I was pretty impressed with the internal microphone, to be honest. I did a quick test using the Windows 11 Recorder app, and my voice was pretty crisp and clear and the only thing I could hear, even though I was typing and there was background noise in the form of a TV playing in the background. I even tested it during a match of Warzone and the only thing I found there was that I had to speak up just a little bit more than usual.

Either way, whether you’re gaming at home or on the go, or using the headset to take a call on your mobile device while connected, both the detachable and internal microphones work very well.

Battery Life

Regarding battery life, LucidSound claims that this headset offers up to 130 hours when connected via Bluetooth or 72 hours when connected over wireless USB. They aren’t kidding either, I was hard-pressed to drain the battery on the LS100X over the course of a month when I average 1-3 hours of PC/Xbox gaming a day.

When used exclusively via Bluetooth, and left to run while streaming Spotify, I managed to get pretty close to the 130 hours claimed by LucidSound. Charging does take a few hours, but a fairly quick 30-minute charge will get you a few more hours of gaming, easily, and you can always leave it plugged in overnight to fully charge for even more multiple power gaming sessions.


The LucidSound LS100X is pretty affordable given its sound quality, compatibility, ease of use, and battery life. Coming in with an MSRP of $99.99, it easily offers great value.


If you’re looking for a lightweight wireless gaming headset with great battery life that works with Xbox, PC, and mobile devices, look no further than the LucidSound LS100X. Not only does it offer all the aforementioned features, but it has a sleek, stylish look, fantastic sound, and a great price point. If I was in the market for a wireless gaming headset, I’d pick one of these up, no question. With a near-perfect score, this wireless gaming headset easily earns an Editor’s Choice of 2022 Award here at Techaeris.

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Last Updated on December 23, 2022.


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