Pixel Tablet and Pixel speaker dock prototypes come up on Facebook Marketplace

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The new Google Pixel Tablet and Google Pixel speaker dock have yet to hit the Google Store, but they did show up on Facebook Marketplace. According to 9to5 Mac, a user put the Pixel Tablet and its dock up for sale on Marketplace for $400; see the Tweet below for screenshots of the listing.

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The Google Pixel Tablet is the company’s jump back into the tablet space and is expected to include an optimized tablet version of Android 13. The idea is to build the same ecosystem Samsung, and Apple users enjoy but for Pixel users. The new Tablet, Watch, and Pixel phone will work seamlessly together, giving users an optimized Pixel experience.

The screenshots above showcase the optimized tablet Pixel launcher home screen, storage capacity, and battery life estimations. The Pixel Tablet speaker dock is familiar as it resembles the Nest Hub base. According to 9to5 Mac, this is not the first time Pixel prototypes have turned up on Facebook Marketplace, and it makes one wonder who they have been testing these prototypes. You can find out more about Google’s new hardware in their blog post here.

What do you think of this leak? Are you planning on picking up the new Tablet and speaker dock from Google? Do you think Android tablets are improving? Or do you think they need to stop making them? Please share your thoughts on any of the social media pages listed below. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network. Be sure to subscribe to our RUMBLE channel as well!


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