MWC 2023: Xiaomi AR Glasses have dimming lenses and an OLED display

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AR glasses are far from being a “thing” in our current consumer tech environment, but that’s not stopping companies like Xiaomi from continuing to develop the technology. Remember Google Glass? Products like Glass are the precursors to the products we see today, like the Xiaomi AR Glasses.

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AR glasses will still likely not be a thing for at least a bit longer. The Xiaomi offering at MWC 2023 has a camera and OLED display and can auto-dim its lenses. None of which is a genuinely compelling reason to adopt the technology, but here we have it.

The Xiaomi AR Glasses use the XR2 chip TCL uses in their RayNeo X2 glasses shown at CES 2023. According to CNET, the chip is also used in the Meta Quest 2 VR headset and other VR headsets.

Xiaomi’s glasses look more like futuristic visors, and use Micro OLED displays, promising a “retina-level” resolution level at 58 pixels per degree (this measures the density of pixels rather than the total pixel resolution). One unique thing they add is a set of lenses that change opacity to go dark for better AR viewing, which sounds similar in concept to the Magic Leap 2. The glasses use hand tracking and gesture tracking for controls, using the glasses’ external cameras, but they can also pair with a phone and use a phone’s touchscreen like a trackpad too.

Google, Samsung and Qualcomm have already announced a future XR partnership, which could lead to glasses and phones that are better integrated with Google’s Android platform. Apple’s expected mixed-reality headset could do the same for the iPhone over time. Xiaomi’s glasses are early to the party, in that sense.


This is one piece of tech that has been developed and worked on for years that does not seem to want to take off. It could be the classic solution looking for a problem scenario here. Only time will tell if AR will become a thing or die in the graveyard of dead tech.

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