Scosche PowerVolt PD35 35W wall charger features smart power sharing


Many devices these days come with a charger that has a single port for that device. Other options are available for charging multiple devices, but many have a set power output per port. The new Scosche 35W Dual-Port Power Delivery Wall Charger features smart power sharing, automatically adjusting between the two ports based on what you’re charging.

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With a maximum of 35W of charging power, if you have one device plugged in, this wall charger will deliver the total amount to your device (if it supports it). Once you connect a second device, the charger will detect which device requires more charging power and adjusts each port accordingly. For example, if you plug an iPhone into one port, and an iPad into the other, the charger will automatically deliver a greater share of the power (20W) to the iPad and 15W to the iPhone.

Using GaN technology, the Scosche PowerVolt PD35 wall charger offers faster, cooler, and safer charging in a compact form factor. Its built-in safety circuits protect devices from overheating and overcharging. While it can charge compatible iPhones to 50% in as little as 30 minutes, it is also suitable for other devices like tablets, cameras, and small laptops. It’s perfect for travel as well, with folding prongs and a compact size.

The PowerVolt 35W Dual-Port Power Delivery Wall Charger retails for $49.99 at and other retailers like Amazon.

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