X is here and Twitter is gone


The blue bird is dead. Monday, July 24th is the official death of Twitter as Elon Musk has rebranded the company to X. Yes, simply, X. Twitter.com is no more as it now redirects to X.com. The company is moving swiftly, changing the bird logo to the X logo across the web and even dismantling the old Twitter sign on its San Francisco HQ.

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UPDATE: We mistyped above, thanks to Robert for pointing out that x.com redirects to twitter.com, not the other way as we indicated.

Frankly, the entire Twitter acquisition story has become a giant and dramatic beast. The story stretches beyond just a business transaction and has crossed into a political clown show. Mark Zuckerberg took the opportunity to jump in by creating Threads and basically porting over millions of Instagram users and calling it a day. Musk fired back by coming through with large payouts for “creators” showing that you can make money on Twitter, now called X.

Elon Musk the X MAN

Musk has a love affair with the letter X, this well known and well documented and it shows up in a lot of the products and services he is attached to. Renaming Twitter in this dramatic fashion seems to be part media grab and part fondness for the 24th letter of the alphabet.

Musk’s vision for X is similar to what WeChat is in China. One app for payments, banking, shopping, entertainment, news, and anything you ever need. That’s all well and good if you live in a communist society like China. But for those here in the west, where we prefer choices, I’m not convinced such an app will catch on with the masses.

But what the hell do I know anymore? The world’s gone nutty over the past three years, and I guess anything is possible. I’ll catch you on “used to be Twitter,” stay safe!

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