The Neomow X is a robot lawn mower with a LiDAR SLAM navigation system


For some, mowing the lawn can be a chore that is better left to something less organic. That’s why companies have been trying to make the robot lawn mower better year over year. A robot lawn mower frees up your time and keeps you less sweaty. The new Neomow X and X Pro are robot lawn mowers with a LiDAR SLAM navigation system built-in. This new robotic lawn mower is currently on Kickstarter and nearing the $2 million dollar mark in funding.

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There are numerous similar mowers on the market and the folks at Neomow provided these key features which should help show what sets the X and X Pro apart from the competition.

  • LiDAR SLAM Navigation System: The LiDAR SLAM navigation system incorporates a laser sensor that empowers real-time 3D mapping of the environment. This cutting-edge technology guarantees unparalleled precision and reliability in the realm of lawn maintenance. With the LiDAR SLAM navigation system, Neomow X effortlessly handles challenging lawn conditions, remaining unaffected by light or signal interference. Its exceptional precision ensures a neat and beautiful lawn, regardless of any circumstances or obstacles. Whether in diverse geographic areas or with challenging conditions, such as dense shade or confined spaces under house eaves, Neomow X’s versatility enables it to address various usage scenarios effectively and without limitations, all while maintaining stable and seamless performance.
  • Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance System: The Neomow X comes with advanced LiDAR and vision sensors. This ensures precise navigation around obstacles and provides the ability to identify small animals, keeping both wildlife and your property safe. With the state-of-the-art LiDAR-based obstacle avoidance system, the Neomow X offers unparalleled precision and reliability. It autonomously detects and avoids obstacles with accuracy. Additionally, the built-in vision sensor allows real-time monitoring of the surroundings. When small animals like hedgehogs, cats, and dogs are detected, the Neomow X maneuvers around them to ensure their well-being.
  • Customization with App: Neomow X allows you to personalize your mowing preferences, set schedules, and monitor progress, all from the convenience of your smartphone:
    • Intelligent Multi-zone Management: define and customize different zones in your yard with our user-friendly app. Easily set unique mowing schedules for front and back lawns, and let Neomow X mow them in sequence for efficient completion.
    • Electrically Adjustable Cutting Disk Height: control the cutting disk height easily using the HOOKII App without manual adjustments, customize the cutting height to match your lawn’s preferences and adapt to varying terrain conditions.
  • Convenient storage and charging: Equipped with intelligent automatic recharging, Neomow X can independently return to its charging station when the battery is low. After recharging, it seamlessly resumes mowing where it last left off. The charging station can be installed outdoors or even indoors to ensure the safety of your Neomow X, such as in your garage. This unique feature sets it apart from other robotic mowers that require outdoor installation.
  • Whisper-quiet noise level: It operates at a whisper-quiet noise level of less than 60dB, ensuring a peaceful environment while it maintains your lawn.
  • Front-wheel drive: dominate any terrain effortlessly with Neomow X’s front-wheel drive (FWD) system. Its superior traction and maneuverability make it perfect for slopes, rough patches, and uneven terrain.
  • Climbing capability: Neomow X excels at tackling hilly terrains with its remarkable 45°climbing capability. Your lawn will always be impeccably maintained, regardless of the steepness.
  • Front bumper for physical protection: equipped with a wide-angle front bumper in the forward direction to provide additional physical protection.
  • Parallel mowing: Parallel mowing algorithm outperforms traditional random routes, leading to significantly improved mowing results. It also offers diverse mowing modes through the app, allowing you to adjust the mowing angle for each task.

The Neomow X and Neomow X Pro are priced starting at $1,199 and $1,499 and can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter using the link below. Supporting Kickstarter projects is at your own risk.

The Neomow X is a robot lawn mower with a LiDAR SLAM navigation system

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