Satechi announces its Vegan-Leather Magnetic Wallet Stand for iPhone

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Satechi is a popular accessories’ maker for most of your more popular Apple products. They make gear for everything from the iPhone to AirPods and MacBook to iPad. We cover the brand extensively, and it has become one of our best-liked brands. Now, the company has announced its Satechi announces its Vegan-Leather Magnetic Wallet Stand for iPhone.

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Combining style, functionality, and sustainability, the Vegan-Leather Magnetic Wallet Stand securely attaches to any MagSafe-compatible iPhone in a snap connection to easily carry credit cards, IDs, or even cash on-the-go. Available in four colorways on Satechi’s website and three exclusively on, the magnetic wallet is designed to function as a durable and sturdy stand, giving users a hands-free option to stream videos or hop on a FaceTime call in both portrait and landscape modes.

Here’s what the rest of the company’s press release had to say about the Vegan-Leather Magnetic Wallet Stand for iPhone.

The effortlessly elegant Vegan-Leather Magnetic Wallet Stand allows users to easily take their everyday essentials, including credit cards, IDs, and cash, anywhere they bring their iPhone. The wallet stand employs a MagSafe-compatible magnetic feature, ensuring a strong and reliable attachment that prevents the wallet from falling off the device.

The functional double-flap design of the wallet allows users to carry up to four cards at once, with a cutout specifically made to show an ID, making it the perfect accessory to stay organized for errands and light travel. Whether catching flights, switching trains or enjoying road trips, the magnetic wallet stand keeps must-haves easily accessible, organized and secure. The double-flap design also allows the wallet to double as a stand, providing a comfortable viewing option in both portrait and landscape mode. Additionally, the slim wallet allows for NFC pass-through from the front pocket, so users can easily ‘Tap to Pay’ without taking out a credit/debit card.

Satechi has announced its MagSafe-compatible iPhone wallet stand, the Vegan-Leather Magnetic Wallet Stand.

Crafted from premium, scratch-resistant polyurethane leather, the magnetic wallet stand is not only durable and stylish, but is also environmentally conscious. Users can choose from up to seven different colorways, compatible with iPhone® 12, 13, 14, and 15, to best suit their lifestyle. Available on, shoppers can choose from four sleek colorways: Black, Brown, Navy Blue, and Orange. Three additional colorways available exclusively on include Forest Green, Purple, and Blue.

Satechi’s Vegan-Leather Magnetic Wallet Stand is currently available in Black, Brown, Navy Blue, and Orange on for $39.99. In addition to Black, the Vegan-Leather Magnetic Stand is also available now in Forest Green, Purple and Blue exclusively in Apple stores worldwide and for $39.95. See links below.

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