[CES 2024] New Alienware gaming gear is sure to please gamers in 2024

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CES 2024 is well underway and Alienware has busted out its bag of tricks with a slew of announcements. Alienware always has a massive presence at CES and this year is no different. The company’s new laptops look dope and well-designed.

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Let’s just jump right into the company’s full press release, outlined neatly below for your consumption. There is a lot to read below, so this is why my bloviating is being kept to a dull roar. Enjoy reading! Be sure to read all of our CES 2024 news here.

Alienware CES 2024

m16 R2

[CES 2024] New Alienware gaming gear is sure to please gamers in 2024

Our product launches last year were met with overwhelming praise, but also suggestions from our community of how to make the m16 even better. At their core, the requests were to create a powerful notebook that could run the most demanding games yet be portable and discreet enough to take from destination to destination with ease.

Our engineers and designers challenged themselves to craft a product that fulfills those requirements and introduces new features to the market. Meet the m16 R2, a redesigned gaming laptop that prioritizes performance, flexibility and portability, while preserving the Alienware advantages our customers have come to love.

Striking this balance required us to make bold changes. Let’s start with the most visible update. We knew to make our notebook more travel-friendly that we needed to bid adieu to the thermal shelf. But doing so was no simple task — after all, it housed the components that kept the previous model running cool.

Our engineers were up for the challenge — they completely redesigned and optimized a new thermal solution for the m16 R2 by adapting our Cryo-tech cooling to be more efficient in a smaller package. This ultimately resulted in 43% more efficient airflow compared to the previous model, and though we can’t divulge all the alien technology behind these thermal gains, you can rest assured the m16 R2 won’t break a sweat when playing the latest games.

Then there is the size benefit. Removing the thermal shelf reduced the depth of the laptop, resulting in a 15% smaller footprint compared to the previous generation. With this size reduction, the new 16” notebook easily fits into a small backpack and saves precious desk space for your gaming mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

Not only is the m16 R2 more compact, but it also has a larger palm rest and touchpad. How did we pull this off? By designing a slim yet sturdy 180-degree hinge and positioning it on the back edge of the notebook. Placing the hinge where the thermal shelf once resided gave us space to push up the keyboard and expand both the palm rest and touchpad.

We know people rarely – and, if we’re being honest, shouldn’t – use a touchpad when gaming, but a larger surface for controlling your cursor is a luxury when navigating Discord chats or browsing the web. You’ll notice something else about the touchpad: it’s bordered by our RGB stadium loop lighting, which was moved from the rear to a more visible area. Now you can easily identify the touchpad’s boundaries in dark environments.

Lighting is a core element of our design language, but our community requested the option to tone things down when appropriate. That’s why we added a hotkey that cloaks the m16 R2, allowing it to blend into its surroundings. Allow me to introduce you to Stealth Mode. This handy new feature was inspired by customers who found lighting effects to be distracting in certain spaces, like a library, café, or classroom.

Now a quick tap of the F2 shortcut key turns the keyboard backlighting white, switches off all other AlienFX lighting zones, and shifts performance mode to quiet to reduce fan noise. Tap the key again to disable Stealth Mode when it’s time to game and get the full force of the m16 R2’s Intel® Core Ultra H Series processors and NVIDIA® GeForce RTXTM 40 Series mobile graphics (up-to an RTX 4070) which pack enough power to run the latest titles at high frame rates. Need every possible frame for competitive gaming? NVIDIA’s DLSS 3.5 AI upscaling technology and NVIDIA Reflex latency reduction give you faster frame rates, better image quality and the lowest latency without demanding more power.

Dolby Atmos support adds another layer of immersion — the m16 R2’s upgraded dual speakers envelop you in spatial sound so you can hear every footstep, explosion, or whisper with depth and realism. Silky gameplay is showcased on a QHD+, 240Hz display with a 16:10 aspect ratio that delivers gorgeous visuals with sharp detail and rich, accurate colors. Competitive gamers will benefit from the high refresh rate that ensures smooth, tear-free gameplay. To summarize, these are some key upgrades we brought to the m16 R2:

  • Redesigned with Smaller Footprint by ditching the thermal shelf on the back, ensuring the m16 R2 slips effortlessly into your backpack for on-the-go travel.
  • Equipped with Stealth Mode Hotkey, so users can quickly go dark without the distraction of RGB lighting.
  • Large 90Whr battery with NVIDIA Advanced Optimus for intelligent powershifting to optimize power balance between CPU and GPU, so you don’t have to worry about finding the nearest outlet. When it’s time to plug in, the m16 R2 can charge to 80% in just 35 minutes via Express Charge 2.0v.
  • Intel® Core Ultra H Series processors provide efficient power, while NVIDIA® GeForce RTXTM 40 Series mobile GPUs enable ample performance to run both modern games at fast frame rates and demanding AI workloads.

x16 R2

[CES 2024] New Alienware gaming gear is sure to please gamers in 2024

Last year, we released Alienware’s most advanced gaming laptop featuring a slim all-metal chassis, six-speaker setup, a 100 micro-LED rear stadium lighting, and RGB-illuminated touchpad. The refined Alienware x16 R2 fortifies this status with faster performance, improved cooling and greater future readiness. At face value, the new model has the same striking design, but what’s inside hides some welcome upgrades.

Engineered for premium performance, the x16 R2 can devote up to 175W of dedicated graphics power with 12-phase voltage regulation stacked on top of brand-new Intel® Core Ultra processor technology. Combined with up-to NVIDIA® GeForce RTXTM 4090 Laptop GPUs, it achieves a total package power of 220W, enabling the most demanding games while giving users peace of mind knowing they have the latest and greatest technology.

To round it out, here’s a glance at other upgrades made to the x16 R2:

  • Most advanced Alienware Cryo-tech cooling solution ever, complete with Vapor Chamber technology and our Element 31 thermal interface on the CPU and GPU.
  • Faster visuals for all, with a 240Hz display offered by default. Also outfitted with premium features including ultra-vivid picture with Dolby Vision, ComfortView Plus blue light filtering, and a 3ms response time to keep all in-game motion fluid.
  • Highest memory speeds of any Alienware system with LP-DDR5X memory up to 7467 MT/s.
  • Bigger storage to save more of what you love, with options up to 8 TB.

m18 R2

[CES 2024] New Alienware gaming gear is sure to please gamers in 2024

Packed with up-to the latest 14th Gen Intel Core i9-14900HX processor along with up-to NVIDIA® GeForce RTXTM 4090 Laptop GPUs, the juggernaut Alienware m18 R2 promises superior performance, overclocking capabilities, and significant efficiency improvements to thermal capacity. All of this is made possible by Alienware’s Cryo-tech cooling solution with Element 31 applied to both the CPU and GPU and an updated vapor chamber that more efficiently pushes out air.

Supporting the most performance and storage capacity (up to 10 TB) of any Alienware laptop ever, the Alienware m18 R2 is made for those who value superior performance without being confined to a traditional battle station.

Upgrades coming to Alienware’s entire notebook portfolio As part of the Alienware experience, these key features are found throughout the entire notebook portfolio.

  • NVIDIA DLSS 3.5 AI upscaling technology powered by Tensor Cores gives you faster frame rates and better image quality without demanding more power.
  • AWCC 6.1 is a new version of Alienware Command Center that adds a host of features inspired by customer feedback (More on this below)
  • Upgraded FHD webcam now with HDR support to improve dynamic range and preserve details by combatting strong background lighting and ensuring subjects are properly exposed. And our AI-powered far-field microphones enhance vocals by removing ambient sounds, so your voice sounds crisp and clear.
  • Next-gen connectivity up to Wi-Fi 7 capabilities and up to 2X Ethernet speeds with 5GHz ethernet connections that reduce lag and increase connection stability.
  • All panels feature ComfortView Plus, our hardware-based technology meant to reduce blue light emissions without impacting performance or picture quality.
  • Windows 11 Home and access to hundreds of high-quality games with the included one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

32″ 4K QD-OLED

[CES 2024] New Alienware gaming gear is sure to please gamers in 2024

Introducing the AW3225QF, a 2024 CES Innovation Award Honoree, which marries beauty and performance for the ultimate visual experience. The 4K curved QD-OLED panel is intentionally crafted to help reduce reflection and also to capture expanded peripheral vision with infinite contrasts, true blacks and peak luminance up to 1000 nits for a more comfortable viewing experience.

As a result, you can be fully immersed in the game and won’t miss a beat. Designed to meet the needs of a PC gamer or content creator who demands the finest in 4K visuals, the AW3225QF has a fast 240Hz native refresh rate, 0.03ms gray-to-gray response time, Dolby Vision® HDR and VESA DisplayHDR True Black 400.

With Dolby Vision® HDR technology, you get to enjoy an astonishing and more realistic picture filled with incredible brightness, wider contrast, more vivid colors and crisper detail. Dolby Vision® achieves this by delivering highlights up to 40 times brighter and blacks that are 10 times darker than a standard picture, along with colors never seen before on a screen – to fully immerse you in your favorite entertainment.

Ease the frustration of screen tears and stutter with smooth gameplay achieved with NVIDIA G-SYNC and VESA AdaptiveSync. The AW3225QF is NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible, validated by NVIDIA to give you a good Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) experience for tear-free and stutter-free gaming. Not on PC? Don’t fret. Our high bandwidth HDMI 2.1 FRL (Fixed Rate Link) allows players to achieve 120Hz performance from the latest next-generation game consoles at 4K resolution, coming standard with VRR support and auto low-latency for first-class controller responsivity.

Take the experience even further by switching on the dedicated console mode, which implements source-based tone mapping for an optimized HDR performance. Additionally, eARC compatibility allows use of Dolby Atmos speakers or any other soundbars with an eARC port without the need for additional optical cables hindering your aesthetic.

27″ 360Hz QD-OLED

27" 360Hz QD-OLED

Competitive gamers as well as streamers looking for the best in QD-OLED technology can look no further than this, yet another 2024 CES Innovation Award Honoree, the AW2725DF. It combines competition- ready speed with astounding color performance in QHD resolution. This monitor lets you react to in- game situations at high speed with up to 360Hz native refresh rate. Its 0.03ms gray-to-gray response time allows for clear motion and near-instantaneous pixel response, so you can officially say farewell to blur and ghosting. You will also experience stunningly rich color and clarity with VESA DisplayHDR True Black 400.

The AW2725DF comes packed with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro and VESA AdaptiveSync technology that puts an end to choppy gameplay and broken frames with fluid, artifact-free performance at virtually any frame rate.

Our gamer-centric design offers a fully adjustable ergonomic stand for any desktop configuration, paired with a minimized hexagonal base, providing gamers with more real estate for their peripherals. Maximum airflow is achieved with 360-degree cooling vents for those extended marathon gaming sessions.

The AW3225QF and AW2725DF possess infinite contrast ratio for incredible color detail and judder-free video playback, covering 99% and 99.3% of the DCI-P3 gamut respectively and Delta E < 2 color accuracies delivering an astonishing performance.

Pro Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

Pro Mouse

Pro Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

For the first time in our history, we are breaking into the competitive gaming peripheral scene with the new Alienware Pro Wireless Mouse and Alienware Pro Wireless Keyboard. These advanced wireless products debut at CES 2024 alongside new gaming laptops and first of their kind QD-OLED monitors to satisfy competitive players and esports professionals.

Our team knew that to make a premier mouse and keyboard tailored for pros, we needed input from pros. Throughout the development process, we collaborated with over 100 esports athletes from across the globe, including Team Liquid, our longtime partner and the most successful team in esports history. Guided by their insights, our expert engineers and designers meticulously crafted our most advanced peripherals ever.

Pro gamers are in consensus – a tournament-ready mouse needs to be responsive, comfortable and offer long battery life. We pushed the limits in these areas, then combined them with thoughtful conveniences to make the Alienware Pro Mouse a great choice for anyone — from esports athletes to tech enthusiasts.

We started by packing the Pro Mouse with the highest performance components. You are probably familiar with DPI, but another key performance characteristic is polling rate. Polling rate is the frequency in which data is sent from a mouse to a device.

The higher the polling rate, the more often a mouse tells a computer its position. This results in faster response and precision, and leads to a smoother looking mouse cursor when aiming or moving around the screen (similar to the benefits of a high refresh rate monitor). When milliseconds matter, the Alienware Pro Mouse gives you the edge with 4KHz wireless (0.25ms response time) and 8KHz (0.125ms) wired polling rates — a massive step up from the 1KHz maximum seen on many of today’s gaming mice.

But what good is performance if the mouse isn’t comfortable to hold? Finding the ideal design for a wide range of gamers was no easy feat – after all, everyone has a unique hand anatomy. Working closely with pro esports athletes, our designers sculpted a rounded symmetrical shape suitable for all grip types (palm, claw, fingertip) and hand sizes. We dialed in the perfect weight – under 60g for an ultra-lightweight feel – to balance mobility and stability, then took the design a step further by incorporating a built-in dongle housing.

Pro Mouse Key Features:

  • Battery Life: 32 hours at 4KHz polling or 120 hours at 1KHz polling. USB-C charging for five minutes gets you six hours of 1Khz polling gameplay, and an LED indicator reports low battery life.
  • Additive-free PTFE Feet: Durable material with a satisfyingly smooth feel.
  • Aluminum Scroll Wheel Design: Premium and lightweight.
  • 6-Button Customization: Map hotkeys and macros, including DPI and Profile Switching.
  • Dual Connectivity: 2.4GHz wireless or wired connection.
  • Battery Saver Mode extends the endurance of your Pro Mouse by reducing the polling rate from 4KHz to 1KHz.
  • Sustainable materials: 82% post-consumer recycled plastics

Pro Keyboard

Pro Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

Competitive players require room to move and a key layout that doesn’t hinder performance. They also adjust their keyboard position often to stay comfortable during competitions or lengthy streams. The Alienware Pro Keyboard’s compact 75% custom form factor strikes the sweet spot for players who want to save space in competitive games like Counter-Strike without sacrificing features or stumbling over unnecessary keys.

Once the ideal size was determined, we began an unrelenting pursuit to engineer the ultimate custom linear key switches. It took countless iterations, working with pros each step of the way — and the reception from the athletes has been overwhelmingly positive.

Our Alienware Linear Mechanical Switches have a precise 40g actuation force for quickly registering inputs while providing an immensely satisfying sound and feel. Speedy activation and smooth, rewarding key presses will make gamers want to game long into the night – and they can do so without plugging in thanks to the Pro Keyboard’s long battery life: 72 hours with RGB at 50% or 798 hours with RGB off on a 2.4Ghz wireless connection.

Fluid keystrokes without scratchiness are the result of a low-friction POM (polyoxymethylene) material on the stem, while two layers of silicone dampening remove echoing and produce a pleasing deep tone. Not only do the transparent switches sound great, but they look stunning thanks to transparent switches with fully transparent light-guides that funnels light upward to provide a vibrant and even per-key RGB glow.

We are confident in our custom pre-lubricated switches, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we designed the Pro Keyboard to support most 5-pin and 3-pin switches, so pros with trusty switch sets can hot swap them onto the Alienware Pro keyboard. This way, they can personalize the feel of their switches across the keyboard – and do so using the included puller tool.

Durability and stability are other critical concerns among pro gamers who spend countless hours in intense practice and tournament sessions. That is why the top plate of the keyboard is constructed from 7000 series aluminum, which is the hardest and strongest aircraft commercial grade of aluminum. In addition, our double shot PBT keycaps are tested to 100 million actuations and molded in color (not painted) for dependable fade resistance. On the bottom of the Pro Keyboard is a long silicone strip and large silicone feet to prevent accidental sliding during those edge-of-your-seat moments. Moreover, the feet let you adjust the height of the keyboard to a comfortable typing angle.

Pro Keyboard Key Features:

  • 72 hours (RGB at 50%, 2.4GHz) or 798 hours (RGB off, 2.4GHz) of battery life gives gamers the ease of mind to play through marathon rounds.
  • Tri-mode connectivity with 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth 5.1, and USB-C wired connectivity options. Connect to three Bluetooth devices simultaneously and switch between them with the tap of a button.
  • A 1KHz polling rate delivers consistent response times across both connectivity options – wired or over our 2.4GHz wireless dongle connection.
  • Sustainable materials were used with the keyboard, containing 47% post-consumer recycled plastics.

Pricing and Availability

  • Alienware m16 R2 will first launch on January 11, 2024, with select configs starting ~$1,649.99 (US) / ~$2,249.99 (CA); additional configs will arrive later with the entry model starting at ~$1,499.99 (US) / ~$2,099.99 (CA)
  • Alienware x16 R2** coming soon starting at ~$2,099.99 (US) / ~$2,899.99 (CA)
  • Alienware m18 R2** will first launch on January 11, 2024, starting ~$1,899.99 (US) / ~$2,599.99 (CA); 4080 and 4090 configs coming soon
  • Alienware Pro Wireless Keyboard will launch on January 11, 2024, starting at $199.99 (US) / $269.99 (CA)
  • Alienware Pro Wireless Mouse will launch on January 11, 2024, starting at $149.99 (US) / $199.99 (CA)
  • Alienware 32 4K QD-OLED Gaming Monitor (AW3225QF) will launch on January 11, 2024, at $1,199.99 (US) / $1,499.99 (CA)
  • Alienware 27 360Hz QD-OLED Gaming Monitor (AW2725DF) will launch on January 11, 2024, at $899.99 (US) / $1,199.99 (CA)

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