[CES 2024] Plugable debuts new productivity stands for laptops and tablets


Plugable, a company whose docking and charging solutions we’ve reviewed plenty of, has just announced its first lineup of productivity stands for laptops and tablets at CES.

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In total, there are four stands for laptops, tablets, and phones which provide a cost-effective way of adding another screen or device to hybrid work setups. Let’s check out what the company has to say about the new productivity stands.


The PT-STANDX is a versatile and portable folding laptop and tablet stand designed for users on the go. The stand is set to redefine how professionals and remote workers interact with their devices, offering a lightweight, thin, and foldable solution that adapts to different environments. Designed for laptops and tablets up to 16″, the PT-STANDX is a compact and portable accessory that transforms the way users engage with their devices. Featuring four convenient angles (25°, 30°, 45°, and 60°), the stand provides customizable viewing options to meet the varied needs of users, whether improving camera angles for virtual meetings, optimizing screen height for ergonomic viewing, or maximizing workspace on an airplane tray table.

The TAA-compliant PT-STANDX is available now on Amazon for $24.95 with a $2 launch coupon.


The PT-STAND1 is a premium adjustable tablet stand designed to elevate the user experience for a wide range of devices. This sleek and versatile stand is engineered for individuals seeking a cleaner and more organized workspace. Similar in design to the acclaimed UDS-7IN1, the PT-STAND1 is crafted from lightweight yet sturdy aluminum alloy. To be compatible with phones and tablets up to 12.9″., making it a universal solution for various devices, including iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab series, Google Pixel Tablet, Kindle, and more.

The PT-STAND1 is available now on Amazon for $24.95 with a $2 launch coupon.


The Magnetic iPad Stand for iPad Air & iPad Pro 11-inch has been engineered to enhance user experience, with foldability and 360° movement, setting a new standard for functionality and aesthetics in tablet stands. Compatible with Apple MagSafe mounting, the stand is crafted from premium materials, including aluminum alloy and silicone padding. The stand provides an aesthetic and durable solution for working on an iPad. Among the standout features of the AMS-STAND11, its 360° rotatable magnetic panel allows users a smooth switch between landscape and portrait orientations. The base, complemented by a 180° adjustable arm, provides flexibility and stability for optimal viewing angles. 

The AMS-STAND11 is available now on Amazon for $79.95 with a $5 launch coupon. 


The AMS-STAND13 is a magnetic stand designed to raise the iPad experience. Compatible with Apple MagSafe mounting, it combines form and function. While specifically designed for 12.9″ iPads, the stand features optional screw-in brackets for compatibility with other tablets. Aluminum alloy, silicone padding, and N52 magnets create a durable, sure-footed platform to prop up your productivity and creative endeavors.

The AMS-STAND13 is available now on Amazon for $79.95 with a $5 launch coupon.

What do you think about the Plugable productivity stands for laptops and tablets? Will you be picking one up? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below, and be sure to check back frequently for more CES 2024 news!


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