[CES 2024] Lockly announces its Visage and PRO Z-Wave locks along with a Matter Link Hub


Lockly has been making smart home technology products for a few years now and they are among the best on the market. The company’s scrambling number keypad is one of the coolest pieces of lock tech out there. The company hit CES 2024 with a few new items that are sure to please consumers searching for smart home security protection.

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The company announced its new Visage and PRO Z-Wave locks along with its new Matter Link Hub, bringing the company’s array of smart locks into the Matter ecosystem.

Lockly at CES 2024

[CES 2024] Lockly announces its Visage and PRO Z-Wave locks along with a Matter Link Hub

The company has announced that it will be providing current and new users with even more access solutions with the launch of the Matter Link Hub, which will be backward compatible with most current Lockly devices. This enables current devices to be manageable within the Apple Home for the first time, which allows users to control their devices with Siri by integrating with their favorite smart home ecosystem. Known for its feature-rich hardware and seamless software experience, the company also unveiled Visage, the first smart lock under the company’s upcoming Zeno Series of Apple Home and HomeKey compatible products. It is also the first smart lock with facial recognition and built-in Wi-Fi. Visage will also be Matter-compliant with no hub necessary.

The Matter Link marks Lockly’s first step into the new Matter smart home ecosystem. As a hub compatible with most existing Lockly products such as the company’s bestselling Flex Touch, Access Touch, and Secure Plus locks. It enables these locks to seamlessly integrate with popular Matter-supported platforms like Apple Home, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings. This integration empowers Lockly locks to collaborate effortlessly with other smart home devices, delivering a smoother, more automated experience.

The company is also showcasing its new Visage smart lock, featuring advanced facial recognition technology for keyless entry. With pending certifications coming in 2024 for Matter, Visage will also be Apple HomeKey and Apple Home compatible and allow users to unlock by simply tapping the lock with an iPhone or Apple Watch, or using Siri voice commands. The lock provides fast, secure access with additional capabilities like remote management, activity tracking, and user profiles managed through the Lockly Mobile App. Property owners will be able to oversee permissions, regardless of where they are located, and other advanced features such as Welcome mode and Air Transfer.™.

[CES 2024] Lockly announces its Visage and PRO Z-Wave locks along with a Matter Link Hub
Matter Link Hub

“Smart home technology is rapidly advancing, with standards like Matter at the forefront of seamless connectivity. Our goal was to ensure that both our current loyal customers, and those that purchase new devices, could enjoy these advancements without having to replace their entire device,” said Cindy Zhou, EVP of Operations at Lockly. “At Lockly, we prioritize security along with innovation to ensure our products don’t just work well independently but integrate flawlessly into smart home ecosystems without compromise.”

Visage Features and Benefits:

  • Works with Apple Home – Unlock by gently tapping the lock with your iPhone or Apple Watch or by using your voice through Siri.
  • Matter Compatible (Pending 2024 Certification) – With Built-In Wi-Fi, connect and control together with other smart home devices via Matter controller.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi – Get status, alerts, and control from anywhere.
  • Facial Recognition – Approach and unlock, effortless entry, every time.
  • Your Finger Is Your Key –  Advanced fingerprint sensor stores up to 99 fingerprints.
  • HackProof Digital Keypad – Patented PIN Genie® shuffling up to 52 access codes.
  • RFID cards — Quick access of up to 999 RFID cards.
  • AI Motion Sensor – Send real-time alerts when motion is sensed.
  • Programmable Auto-Locking – Never worry about forgetting to lock your door.
  • Lockly Air Transfer™ Programming – Transfer user profiles (fingerprint, access codes, RFIDs) from an existing Lockly smart lock to another lock in just a few clicks.
  • eKeys & eBadges – Grant one-time use or specific time duration access by issuing codes, digital eKeys or eBadges remotely via a mobile device.

Matter Link will be available in 2024 for $79.99. Matter Link will be compatible with select models including Lockly Plus, Flex Touch, and Access Touch.

Visage will be available in various finishes including Satin Nickel and Matte Black in Summer 2024 for $349.00.

PRO Z-Wave

PRO Z-Wave

The company also unveiled its collaboration with Alarm.com with two Z-Wave certified smart lock solutions, expanding the company’s integration capabilities in both homes and businesses. New to the suite of LocklyPRO products is the first Z-Wave-certified lock with biometric fingerprint access, Lockly GUARD Deadbolt Z-Wave (model# 728FZ PU) in addition to a version without fingerprint access (model# 728Z PU). Alarm.com customers can now add GUARD Deadbolt Z-Wave to their integrated ecosystem, making it easier than ever to manage every connected device from one convenient platform.

“This Z-Wave certification stands as a testament to our ongoing commitment to delivering a state-of-the-art experience for customers, and ensuring the utmost security, quality, and convenience in our products,” said Mark O’Donnell, US Director of Sales at Lockly. “This new integration reinforces Lockly’s position as a trusted industry leader, ready to shape the future of smart lock solutions and elevate the way our customers live, work, and interact with technology in their daily lives.”

With LocklyPRO’s Z-Wave compatibility, users can create a connected ecosystem of smart devices within their homes and businesses. They can control and automate these devices through the Alarm.com app, allowing for enhanced security, energy management, and home automation capabilities, while still enjoying LocklyPRO’s feature-rich solutions. Once connected, users will be able to complete a suite of basic and advanced functions, such as biometric fingerprint access, the ability to remotely lock and unlock doors, create temporary access codes, receive notifications about the lock’s status, and more.

LocklyPRO’s smart locks offer advanced security features including the company’s patented PIN Genie technology, tamper-resistant touchscreen, remote access control, and fingerprint access. The integration of Z-Wave technology enhances these products by allowing seamless connectivity with other Z-Wave-compatible devices in the home or workplace, further improving the convenience and security of consumers.

LocklyPRO’s new Z-Wave certification reinforces the company’s position as an industry leader in the smart lock market, delivering high-quality technology that enhances the safety and convenience of homeowners and businesses. For those interested in purchasing LocklyPRO’s certified products, contact prosales@lockly.com. Lockly also extends an invitation for potential distribution partnerships.

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