Infographic: Preparing for the demands of remote work


Although COVID-19 was the reason for the invention of the remote work business model, we still heavily rely on it even years after the first lockdown. Studies show that in 2023, approximately 40% of U.S. employees worked remotely at least one day per week. Some industries are more remote work savvy; however, there are opportunities to work from home in nearly every corner of the United States, and in some cases, the world. Although the frequency and popularity of working from home has settled since the pandemic, the benefits that it offers to both employers and employees cannot be ignored.

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Maintaining distributed teams both in the office and working remotely benefits employees in several ways. First, because remote work eliminates the need for a commute, expenses like gas and food can also be eliminated. In addition, the time spent to getting ready and getting to work in the morning and again on the way home can then be used towards friends and family or other extracurricular hobbies. Overall, employees have a better work/life balance under this model, making each day more enjoyable and efficient.

Employers also benefit under this model, as employee satisfaction changes the landscape of business success. Studies have indicated that many companies are reporting fewer absences and sick days, as well as a spike in productivity throughout the workday. A hybrid or fully remote system can also reduce turnover and lower the annual cost per employee.

The interest in working remotely is present, making it imperative that businesses prepare to foster these types of teams. To achieve this, connectivity platforms must be up and running, ensuring that employees across the planet can communicate properly. In addition, IT and cybersecurity tools need to be employed to protect the company and its employees from digital threats. Finally, new technology, such as AI, must be implemented to optimize business proceedings across departments. Using these methods, remote work will continue to thrive, equipping businesses with what they need to maintain success. 

Infographic: Preparing for the demands of remote work

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