Midjourney Alpha is rolling out to select users


Midjourney continues to be one of the best, if not the best, AI image generators that you can use. I’ve been using Midjourney for a while now and the results are astounding and it’s crazy to see how far the algorithm has come. Now, the company has started rolling out Midjourney Alpha to select users across the user base.

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The criteria to get access to Midjourney Alpha seems to be the number of images you’ve generated over a certain amount of time. Since I’ve generated over 1,000 images, they selected me as part of this batch of Midjourney Alpha users.

So what is Midjourney Alpha? Well, it’s the company’s first attempt to bring the process to its servers and start to shed the need to use Discord servers for the process. There may be more to it all, but right now, that is my understanding of this alpha program.

So now, I am able to go to the Midjourney website and generate images from there instead of having to go to Discord and enter prompts on one of the servers. The process is nearly the same, but there are a few nice additions. You no longer have to enter “imagine/” into the text field, now you can just enter your prompt.

Midjourney AI image generation
The “imagine” prompt box

You also no longer have to enter certain parameters. You can choose parameters and settings from the settings button, see the screenshot below.

Midjourney Alpha is rolling out to select users
Pick your settings, including image size, aesthetics, and model.

The alpha just popped up for me today and so far, I like it much better than the Discord version. Once you enter your prompt and pick your settings. The images generate right in your profile and take about the same amount of time they would on Discord. So far, so good.

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Last Updated on April 30, 2024.


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